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Novell delivers to Mac Users


January 18, 2012 12:09 pm





I am pleased to announce “Novell Kanaka for Mac” for all Open Enterprise Server customers. The powerful combination of Novell Kanaka for Mac and Open Enterprise Server deliver the worlds best Mac file sharing solution for Corporate enterprises and Educational institutions.

Kanaka benefits include

– Single Sign-on to OES file shares / homedirectory
– New Group home directory allows easy mounting of group shares
– Mobility – allows users to edit files offline and sync to the network
– Store desktop settings on the network
– Ability to use AFP or CIFS protocols, with cross-protocol file locking

Novell Kanaka for Mac is available at no additional charge for current OES customers on Maintenance. The solution works with OES11, OES2, and can also work with NetWare ( with the agent running on OES).

With the features of the Kanaka client, the native Apple File Protocol Support, and the scalability/performance of users all provided with Open Enterprise Server, there is no better solution in the industry for supporting Mac users on the network. Later this year, you will also see Kanaka integrate with iPrint and the Zenworks Agent for Mac, for a total Single Sign on solution to these services.

Customer Feedback

Here are bits and pieces of some discussion seen on the forums regarding this announcement –

“Novell listened.. it’s now free, it runs on OES Linux, And it now supports both AFP and CIFS – AFP is arguably the best protocol for Mac usage (for a number of reasons, especially the
preservation of Resource forks), and AFP on OES Linux has proven very
stable and performance. I think I’m going to be a very happy bunny. Its GREAT to see Novell
listening and coming up with solutions *now*, this is the kind of responsiveness we need.”

I still think that Novell is the best at File services. We have about 3400 Macs connecting to our 2-Node OES2 Cluster at any given time of the day…but compare that 2-Node Cluster to the 5 Open Directory Replica’s I need to have [to do a similiar workload] because they can only handle up to 1000 users per replica or you’ll most certainly corrupt OD and they are only doing the delivery of mcxsetting/mcxflags until we move that to [Novell] eDirectory! Which then you look at [Novell] eDirectory vs Open Directory and the performance and management tools alone give OD a spanking.

“Kanaka leverages technologies already present in OES (eDirectory attributes with the posixAccount extension, AFP, CIFS) and OS X (the DirectoryServices framework, AFP and CIFS client functionality, a little bit of MCX) to provide a simple-to-configure but relatively rich client experience on OS X. Ultimately that means that it is highly supportable and doesn’t try to mangle either the Novell or Apple engineering.”

“Between this, iPrint, iFolder, Filr, Vibe, and ESPECIALLY the Zenworks Mac [agent (coming)] we should soon be able to treat Macs as first-class citizens on Novell networks. Congratulations to all involved.”


Additional Information

Press Release –

Video – Download the attached file and unzip it. Execute the file to see a video on the overview of the product.

Documentation –

Download –


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  1. By:warper2

    I was pleasantly surprised yesterday by the coolsolutions post first about the release of the
    Kanaka Mac client. I think this was an excellent move by all of you. I want to say that the
    community as well as the industry is seeing the changes. I appreciate all the effort that
    has been put it.

    Now get the GW guys to make the commitment to a client on par with windows 🙂

    Thank you for pushing the envelope.

  2. By:MHGlenn

    Nice work. We don’t use Macs ourselves, but it strikes me as a wise business move to diversify away from sole reliance upon a client OS made by Novell’s deadliest adversary.

    ….Now if I could just get VMware to see the light. . . .

    P.S.: Is it conceivable that this could be ported to iPad?

  3. By:thtran


    first, there was Novell “Vibe” which sounds like the German word “Weib”. Here’s the translation for “Weib”:

    Now, there’s Novell “Kanaka”, which sounds and looks very much like German “Kanake” and seems to have pretty much the same meaning. Here’s the translation for “Kanake”:

    Don’t get me wrong: That doesn’t mean these are not good products, but could do please do some research before you decide for a product name?
    Or else, Novell might find themselves on a list like this:

  4. By:rdseepaul

    iPad iPad iPad iPad When?

    • By:gldavis

      Yeah – it is being worked on. OES customers ( also built for AD) will get a nice solution with Filr coming later this year. For now, you can try using some different apps out there that work with cifs, afp, or ifolder, although not officially supported. Filr is coming…