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Novell Open Workgroup Suite, Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition, and why they are different


August 22, 2008 1:58 pm





By Eron Howard

Novell Open Workgroup Suite was first released in 2006 with Open Enterprise Server, GroupWise, ZENworks Suite, SLED and OpenOffice to great success. Novell Open Workgroup Suite (NOWS) is a soft bundle, essentially a package of software licenses. NOWS includes OES, ZENworks, GroupWise, OpenOffice, SLED, and now Teaming.

After a few months, we realized that a small business solution that had some of the same components along with other applications would be an ideal fit for the small business market.

Novell Open Workgroup Small Business Edition is a new product that includes Novell software and open source software to give customers 200 users and below a complete small business server solution. NOWS SBE includes OES, Groupwise, OpenOffice, SLED plus solutions for firewall, VPN, anti-spam, anti-virus, backup, remote management, helpdesk.

NOWS SBE ties all of these components together into a single simplified installer and management framework designed specifically for the small business user and reseller. An example of the power of the simplified framework, called SIMBA, is the interoperability between components. For example if the firewall is installed anytime you install another piece of software the firewall knows what ports should be open for that software to work properly. If you install a set of software then install the firewall it will look at the installed set and open the ports accordingly.

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  1. By:anonymous

    To further complicate things and confuse customers, I am told by my sales rep that our July 08′ renewal of NOWS (education k-12 bundle) does NOT include Teaming! What?!?
    Even though I was able to show press release after press announcement that did not show any limitation, I was told “sorry guess it was not clear – but you do still do NOT get Teaming”. It was not “clear” cause it was not mentioned. (sigh)… guess not all NOWS are the same.

    –NOWS And Confused

  2. By:salisburyk

    Concerning Teaming, I’ve never seen any press release that stated Teaming would be *included* in the original suite, only that it was an option to buy new or “upgrade”. Said another way – there are really two NOWS versions, one with Teaming and one without Teaming. This was done so that the Novell customers who aren’t going to use Teaming, don’t have to pay for it as part of their suite.

    At this time I believe there is no additional upgrade discount / SKU for NOWS SBE (side note: why not Melanie?), but I know for certain there *ARE* aggressive upgrade discount SKU’s available for standard NOWS, and your Novell rep or reseller should already know about these as they have been listed in the standard Novell price lists for months.

  3. By:anonymous

    To NOWS and Confused,

    There are several editions of the NOWS suite. It’s really not all that confusing. Novell has a very clear comparision of the different suite versions right here:

    It’s easy to find, one lick off the NOWS main product page.

    Hope that helps.

  4. By:EricMEC

    The list of product versions is helpful. When it shows that Teaming is included, does that include Conferencing also? If not, where can the pricing for including Conferencing be found? I could not find a separate figure for Conferencing on the Teaming + Conferencing site.