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Novell Service Desk 6.2 is just around the corner


February 28, 2011 1:22 pm






My Tasks filter has been optimized for performance on large lists
Request Queue filter now can be selected for Service Request Teams using the Request Queue

Request Notes

Notifications of new content are now applied consistently regarding shared requests
Notes that would not be visible to customers when added via email are now marked private
Draft notes will now update with a click of the draft button (save no longer required)
Checkboxes for notes audience will now not appear if they don’t apply to the note being sent

Database platform support

Database schema change to improve compatibility with Oracle databases

Web Services

Various extensions to existing web services to support the native iPhone client
findIncident service will no longer return Change Requests
getRequestDetail will return regardless of the Item criticality setting
getNextStates added to ease web service lifecycle management of requests
getMyFilters added to allow retrieval of filters the logged in user could access
getMyTaskCount can optionally take a filter ID to return the count for the passed filter
getMyTasks can optionally take a filter ID to return the requests that match the passed filter

Service Level Management

Requests will no longer get stuck in un-editable states when Underpinning Contracts are used
A new series of reports – Breach Information By Team – has been added for various processes

Service Delivery

Closing the last ‘Active’ Incident in an Incident Group containing service requests will now cascade that closure through the linked service requests and close these as well
Team edit restrictions have been eased to allow request fields for workflow and team assignment to be edited by technicians entering requests until the save button is clicked, at which point the team rules will take over.
Request Queues optimized to deal with both Incidents and Service Requests
Duplicated requests will no longer inherit the status of the request it is a duplicate of


French language file has been re-encoded to UTF-8

Group template descriptions no longer drop line feeds when not in edit mode
Groups generated using group templates include the group description in the component requests’ description
Quickcall SLA matching has been refined to prevent incorrect validation messages regarding workflow states


Service Category check-box will no longer un-check itself in response to certain user actions
Notes will no longer incorrectly mark themselves as sent to the customer when not sent at all
Users and Customers will always appear in the appropriate lists, regardless of default portal
Customer portal priority labels will now reflect the values in the Technician portal
Request ID’s in reports from Oracle databases will no longer display as decimals
When a request is created, the ‘last action’ field will now be set to the creation date
Excel and PDF exports of Change Requests will now use the correct date format
Requests created by email will now list the original email recipients in the audit trail
Open/Resolved by Technician report now covers all request types
New line handling within emails has been optimized
Rejected solutions are no longer retained
Corrected typo in the Contract Created default email template
Enter keystrokes in email processing are now parsed for different mail clients
Adding attachments to requests in the customer portal will now restart the SLA timers for on-hold requests
Workflow diagrams will once again correctly update when making changes
Several context sensitive help links have been updated
eDirectory OU’s containing space characters will now import correctly
Custom fields set to store dates now render using the users preferred date format
Fixed Open Date filter elements to display the SLA Open Date rather than created date.

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