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Novell Service Desk v6.5


September 8, 2011 4:59 pm





Novell ZENworks Configuration Management integration

Integration has been enhanced to provide:

  • Asset import templates updated for Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11 SP1
  • Assign bundles to users or devices when integrating with Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11 SP1 or later
  • Launch bundles using quick tasks when integrating with Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11 SP1 or later
  • Authenticate using credentials from when integrating with Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11 SP1 or later

Request functionality across all Processes

When working with requests, Users will find the following additional functionality:

  • Print Views that include public/private flags on Notes and also include Solution content,if defined, at the end of the output
  • Ability to perform searches across all Processes in the Home tab, by clearing the Process popup
  • Attachments on request Notes can be downloaded when reading the Note
  • Duplicated requests being treated as new requests, with their own time/date stamp
  • Paging buttons within the request Notes pane
  • Ability to schedule Quick Calls on a bi-weekly (fortnightly) basis
  • Ability to propose solutions for Service Requests
  • Proposing a solution from the Analysis tab will add a Note to reflect what is sent to the Customer
  • Knowledge Base Article creation being set by the Technician within the Notes window, when defining the solution for a request
  • Note attachments can be marked as private
  • A new editor that has been added to allow Request Groups to be ‘merged’
  • Users attempting to login from a second workstation being given the option to terminate their existing session or wait for the session to timeout.


System Configuration

Supervisors will find updates in the following parts of the system:

  • Future occurrences of a scheduled Quick Call appearing in the Events calendar
  • Ability to create Work Groups within Service Request and Change Teams for ease of Technician assignment to Workflow States
  • Assignment functionality for auto-assigning a Technician to multiple Teams and Escalation layers within the User Information screen
  • Template Responses for requests defined at the Item Type level
  • Re-worked Partners functionality that includes that ability to assign one or more Partner Users to Partner Organizations.


Service Asset & Configuration Management

Enhancements to Service Asset & Configuration Management functionality of v6.5 include:

  • Categories field details that assist AMIE to auto-associate Snapshots with existing CIs
  • Defining the default State for AMIE imported Items within the XML mapping file
  • The Category of the Unknown Item being defined as a Service
  • Ownership information optionally ignoring domain information contained in Usernames.


Service Level Management

Updated Service Level Management capability includes:

  • Notifications for outages that can be scheduled
  • SLA/OLA/UC lists contain their own search functions
  • CSV Item Imports can create maintenance contracts when Contracts are enabled.

Customization and Setup

Administrators have access to improved functionality in the following areas:

  • Defining the minimum relevance in the Setup that is applied to Knowledge Base full text searches
  • Ability to enable outbound Web Services for the system
  • Technician Privileges added that enables Technicians to update closed requests and another to force Technicians to complete the Subject when creating requests
  • A new Technician Privilege has been added (Allow Unknown) and if disabled, will force Technicians to change the Item from Unknown before allowing them to save any updates to a request
  • Customer Privilege added in the Setup to define their ability to edit/create requests based on the Process
  • The ability to localize Custom Fields, Buttons and Tabs
  • Urgency, Impact and Priority labels can be localized.


Email & SMS Processing

The Email and SMS functionality updates include:

  • CC lists on requests that have been divided between Customers and Technicians
  • Configurable SMS Messages within the Messages tab of Email Setup
  • SMS templates that can be created for each of the automated email messages
  • The Date Format as a parameter that can be included or excluded from email summary templates
  • Emails resulting in request creation messages will add any other recipients included on the initial email to the Customer cc list
  • The ability to disable the ‘Instance’ prefix for email processing (for identification of multiple instances)
  • Email Messages and SMS Messages that can be localized.


Communicating with Customers

The Customer Portal and Customer communication have been enhanced by:

  • The ability to conduct surveys on behalf of a Customer, which allows for telephone surveys
  • Serviced Customer Survey emails containing a link to the relevant request for Customer reference
  • Including direct links to surveys within the survey editor to allow them to be copied into other messages
  • The ability to send a configurable thank-you email to known Customers who complete surveys
  • Customizable Header Messages within the Customer Portal
  • Adding a modal window to the request view to show all Notes
  • The inclusion of an RSS Feed for each of the panels in the self help section
  • Restricting Customers to Quick Call templates for Items they own, or Quick Calls with no Item defined
  • Knowledge Base Articles being applied as solutions to requests.


Web Services

The following enhancements have been made to the Web Services functionality:

  • Outbound Web Services can be configured in request Workflows and Item Lifecycles
  • Microsoft .NET friendly versions of the Web Services have been added. These are named with an _ prefix to identify them separately to the legacy versions. These have typed return values but otherwise function identically to the java axis versions
  • findOrgUnitById method added to the Organization web service
  • findItem method in the Item web service now allows searching
  • getRequestDetail now denotes approval states with an identifier flag
  • updateRequest method now allows status updates to be processed for approvals.
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