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Novell statement on today’s SCO ruling


August 10, 2007 6:32 pm





From Joe LaSala, Novell senior vice president and general counsel:

“In the spring of 2003, Novell set out to ensure that SCO’s groundless claims would not interfere with the development of Linux. Today’s court ruling vindicates the position Novell has taken since the inception of the dispute with SCO, and it settles the issue of who owns the copyrights of UNIX in Novell’s favor. The court’s ruling has cut out the core of SCO’s case and, as a result, eliminates SCO’s threat to the Linux community based upon allegations of copyright infringement of UNIX. We are extremely pleased with the outcome.”

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  1. By:hudson

    Congratulations, and thank you

    – a satisfied openSUSE user 🙂

  2. By:Brian

    I think I speak for a lot of Linux users, developers, and administrators when I say, “thanks!” While I know that you did this for Novell’s benefit, you’ve done the entire Linux community a huge favor and you just have to step over to to see that.
    I bet there are some happy lawyers at IBM too 🙂

  3. By:SEF

    “vindicate”, “cut out the core”?

    That’s a restrained comment.

    The SCO Group just had its fallacious claims bounced out of court as a matter of law. Novell’s only bone of contention is how much of the MS and Sun licenses were SVRX (subject to money) and how much was UnixWare (not subject to money).

    And the counterclaims. Not that there will be any money left to recover from the SCO Group “Litigious B@#$%^ds” business model.

  4. By:Douglas Worrell, Esq.

    Dear Novell,
    THANK YOU! and thank you and congratulations to your legal team, for this victory. You have gone to great expense, you have carried the standard, you have served bravely and defended and expended much for which you can never be thanked enough, you are to be saluted for defending liberty.

    “And, has thou slain the Jabberwock?
    Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
    O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!’
    He chortled in his joy!

    Those of us who love freedome salute you!
    Doug Worrell

  5. Congratulations on your victory.

    I would just like to add a personal note thanking Novell for defending the community at large. Novell has stood up and taken the lead in defending the 8th Wonder of the World — Linux — from those who would take other people’s work and turn it into an undeserved cash cow. Corporations like SCO don’t seem to get the idea of how we make money from Linux: support. We simply can’t expect to compete with a closed-source product against entities like Microsoft, SUN, or IBM — especially considering the relative starting places with respect to market share. Therefore, it is our combined contributions as a society of programmers, engineers, systems analysts, security professionals, &c. that give us the collective advantage over the slower, monolithic developers. As we continue to see dissatisfaction with expensive, buggy, unresponsive vendors grow, our ability to compete with our community-based approach is destined to eventually win. I see it as inevitable: look at the sluggish response in the business community to Vista, for example. The tide is turning.

    We have to keep the faith in our mission, and Novell has given us one more reason to do so.

    In many respects, Linux is more of a wonder than even the pyramids of Gaza — perhaps the Library at Alexandria would be more appropriate — and I couldn’t be prouder of Novell’s contribution to keeping the Open Source juggernaut rolling along.

  6. Way to go, Novell! Thank you.

    Since 2003 this FUD has been spewed in all the media. It is time the air clears. Many thousands have been following this case for years. It is an important development in the evolution of Linux.

  7. By:Waltish

    I thank you for your resolve in seeing this through and I appreciate the effort.
    This day will not be forgottenany time soon.
    You deserve all the goodwill that comes your way, may you fare well In your endeavours.

    Congratulations Novell well done {:)

  8. Congratulations on your rightful win. We are a SUSE/Novell Business Partner and are confident this can only mean great things for the future of Linux, UNIX, and Novell!

    Thank you!


  9. By:Marcus Magick

    Congratulations guys/girls, you’ve made our day, or better said, saved it.

    This is a great birthday present for openSUSE 😉 and great achievement for Linux community.

    I think Novell should now release UNIX code under GPL3 and get its mounument done in bronze by Richard Stallman. :)))

  10. By:Richard Hebert

    This sounds fantastic 🙂
    Congrats to all that worked to make
    this possible.

    The judgment raises a few questions though
    best left to Novell to comment on.

    First : Will Novell exercise their priviledge
    and tell SCO to drop the suit against IBM ?

    Second : Is Novell interrested in keeping SCO
    alive as a channel of distribution for UNIX ?

    Third : Does Novell intend to formally authorise
    or waive it’s rights in the alledged infringing
    code that found it’s way into the Linux kernel
    or other parts of the GNU/Linux operating system
    if any ?

    In other words : Can we now all get back to work
    with clear heads and be able to create ?

    Sincerely Yours

    Richard Hebert

  11. By:Mo

    Congratulations, Novell et al.

    I have to wonder, though. Will the UNIX sources—given it’s now been established beyond any doubt who owns the copyright to them—be open sourced now?

  12. By:MJL

    Ditto to all of the above.

    Great job. Superb effort. The good guys won.

    A wonderful day for all honest people.

  13. By:Jim S

    Congrats. Makes one wonder if now the naysayers and FOSS zealots will stop *their* anti-Novell FUD campaign.

    Makes one wonder, further, if the reason Microsoft was so eager to enter into the infamous technology-sharing and IP-protection agreement last fall was because they feared this development, that their surrogate in the anti-Linux FUD campaign, SCO group, would be found to be a bag of wind, and that the System V IP in Microsoft products would suddenly come under scrutiny. It was wise of Novell not to agree not to sue Microsoft, but only not to sue their customers. I suspect this might lead to Microsoft playing even nicer with Novell and the rest of the FOSS community, if Ballmer keeps out of it, but Ballmer’s a vindictive SOB who might be spurred into “pre-emptive strike” action and turn up the FUD volume instead.

    It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

  14. This is a terrific day for Novell and all of the third-party vendors who make solutions for the Novell platform. I’m proud that the solution I created (Reload) ONLY run on Novell’s Linux.

  15. By:Guru

    Good Show….Novell has to regain it’s popularity as it was few years back. it has to come up with new technique to compit with Microsoft.


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