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Novell / SUSE Trips to Mobile


April 15, 2014 3:51 pm





Couple of years ago (2010 precisely), Novell exposed their good news to gadget and tech people in the market regarding their release of SUSE MeeGo, a fully supported netbook operating system that is built on the code stream from the MeeGo Project.

Meego vs TIzen

This project was established in collaboration between two high profile and leading manufacturers of ICT products, the Intel and Nokia.

This new promise of operating system from the company is planned to be pre-installed on a wide scale and variety of devices from OEMS in the following year.


This didn’t happen..

Instead project got discontinued and MeeGo resurrected as Tizen, linux-based operating system backed by Intel and Samsung. Lone fact that one project like MeeGo didn’t took off and got killed in favor of another one which also seems to have the same destiny as it’s predecessor .

Tizen tablet

What annoys is amount of work and funding put into development of project plenty of people thought would be impressive (me included) just to find out that it’s not gonna happen and something else is growing out of it. Some would call it evolution I guess.

Thing is that having Android dominating the world, I don’t think there’s going to be another mobile OS which will grow that much exponentially as Android. Neither WIndows nor iOS boomed that much really and I don’t think some future will in foreseeable future.

SUSE and Novell

This relationship has taken to the next level by taking the initiative to encourage OEMs and ODMs to adopt Moblin.

With this, they could be able to make use of their combined efforts as they have come to a reasonable success with partners including MSI and Samsung. The consortium has brought clients incredible experience with netbooks and other mobile devices incorporated with Moblin on board.

And with remarkable results of this joint project by leading ICT groups in the industry, high hopes have been given to push further the project with Linux developers.

Suse & Novell

With the unbeatable state of Novell as the leading commercial provider of desktop Linux environment ranging from their thin clients, to varying workstations and via the notebooks, netbooks and desktop devices people now have, they could be placed on the limelight of great position in delivering SUSE MeeGo to a broader base of device manufactures and original equipment.


This didn’t happen either..

Moblin didn’t even get a chance to evolve, develop and show it’s potential and it got merged to MeeGo project.

Vice President of the Software and Service Group and the General Manager of the Systems Software Division at Intel, Doug Fisher said:

“With the continued support of Novell to MeeGo only further enhances their commitment to enhancing the mobile Linux experience.”

Some would say that with this project, the long wait is gone for consumers to have their choice for Linux operating system running on netbooks and even with emerging mobile devices.

Combined with the impressive SUSE MeeGo, Intel and Atom processor-based platforms and system, there is no doubt that they could practically achieve the kind of look and feel each client would love to use on their computers and even on their mobile phones.

Thing is, projects involving that many variables and parties is condemned to death. Novell pushes one thing, Intel another, Samsung wants this and everybody else that. Complete absence of unity and exact idea on what project needs to be.


If I remember correctly, the operating system should’ve been a hybrid of Nokia’s Smartphone-centric system and Intel’s Moblin. Although these are primarily focused on netbooks and mobile internet devices (MIDs) such as tablets, they are known to run on both x86 and ARM-based devices.

Moreover, according to a statement from an analyst house, MeeGo also represented the first concerted effort to create a complete package with robust and scalable device and application platform that is designed to span an array of different categories for devices while also offering original equipment manufacturers and service providers complete freedom for modification of the platform as well as the user experience based on their preferences and desires.

Ovum Analyst, Tony Cripps, further said that MeeGo devices would nonetheless have to market well, especially if developers are to focus on it rather than of rival offerings. He suggested that flexibility of MeeGo would simply make the OS commonplace in a short span of duration.

While it is true that this operating system offers a highly competitive features and interface, it would still have to compete with the crowded landscape of technology in the market of operating systems.

Plethora of missed opportunities some would say, eh?

Mainstream Attempt: Nokia N9 as MeeGo-enabled Device

Nokia N9

For reference on the mobile devices powered by MeeGo, the Nokia N9-00 would make a very good example. It is installed with MeeGo 1.2 (Harmattan) operating system that promises fast and seamlessly integrated mobile phone that is packed with all the best features right at your fingertips™.

Designed to put all the things every user needs on smart cell phones, toggling between applications with its huge glass touch screen would made this Nokia model a best buy for everyone, according to many people claiming that Nokia’s quality hardware would be perfect fit for a decent open source operating system.

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