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Novell Teaming 2.1 Is Coming Your Way


December 13, 2009 4:45 pm





Novell Teaming is a workflow-enabled team collaboration software. Teaming offers a variety of functionality, including secure robust team workspaces, advanced workflows, social tools and multiple, customizable information types that allow companies to more effectively manage and find their information assets. Out-of-the-box Teaming includes support for file sharing (hundreds of formats supported), versioning, secure search, wikis, blogs, discussion forums, team calendars, tasks, milestones, photo albums and surveys. Also available out of the box is the ability to completely customize the information types to the unique needs of an organization.

    How customers use Teaming varies greatly but the top uses can be summarized into 4 areas:

  1. Knowledge Repository
  2. Document Management
  3. Project Collaboration
  4. Process Automation

Novell Teaming 1.0 was first introduced in October, 2007 and quickly became a cost-effective collaboration solution for companies around the world. In July, 2009 Novell released Teaming 2.0, which incorporated many upgrades, including a new user interface, faster access, ability to track people and teams, customizable team landing pages, personal micro-blogs, guest users and much more.

The Teaming 2.0 release was a success, and helped Novell become an industry leader in the world of collaborative platform vendors. For example, in the August, 2009 Forrester Research, Inc. report indicated that Novell Teaming “brings very strong capabilities for workspaces and collaborative application development, particularly in the area of workflow.” See the report here.

The Teaming Library is proud of the success Teaming 2.0 is experiencing, and we are even more excited for the upcoming release of Novell Teaming 2.1 in Q1 2010. Over the next several weeks we’ll be publishing a set of articles that will highlight some of the new benefits of version 2.1.

    For Users

  1. New Mobile UI: Access teaming conveniently through your web-enabled phone.
  2. Graphical Landing Page Editor: Creating a powerful and user-friendly landing page has become even easier.
  3. Teaming Feeds: Provides you with a constantly updating view of what is happening in your Teaming system
  4. Calendar and Tasks: Differentiating between which calendar events or tasks belong to you has become much more simple.
  5. Undelete and Purge: Quickly purge or recover deleted information with your dynamic trash bin.
    For Administrators and Partners

  1. Workspace Import and Export: Easily move workspaces and information between Teaming systems.
  2. User Data Quota: Limit the amount of file storage assigned to each user.
  3. Extension Administration: For those who are extending the capabilities of Teaming.

The articles will be published periodically before the release date of Novell Teaming 2.1. Check back often to find out about the exciting new improvements to Teaming and to learn how to better leverage Teaming’s collaborative power for your business. Make sure to check out the Teaming Library, and to look at our wide selection of forms and workflows that can save your company both time and money.

This Article can also be found on Kablink.

-Teaming Library

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