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Novell Teaming Install


March 13, 2008 10:45 am





Partitioning for Novell Teaming:
20GB Root /Reiser or your file system of choice:
500M Boot / EXT2
933GB Non formatted Linux LVM Partition
File Repository for Teaming
/var/lib/mysql – 20GB LVM
/home/icecore/data – 500GB LVM
/opt/icecore (/opt) – 20GB LVM

Teaming Server

On the same SLES10.1 Server from above:

  • From Yast and Software Management – Download and install Java 1.5 – IBM make sure to choose everything related to this software
  • Download and install Mysql Client and server from – version 5045 for SLES10
  • Once installed run from the # mysqladmin -u root password root
  • Go to the my example installer.xml in the teaming directory
  • Download the appropriate Novell Teaming Kit
  • Rename exampleinstaller.xml to installer.xml
  • Edit the installer.xml and change the path to java to /etc/alternatives/java_sdk and change the type to IBM (If you used IBM’s version of Java, in this case we did)
  • Install your license file. (Place it in the same directory as the installer program) NOTE – Your license key MUST be called licence-key.xml, when you obtain it from Novell it will have a unique name. You must rename it.
  • Run the installer – installer-liferay.linux
  • Start the system: /yourinstall/liferay-portal-tomcat-5.5-jdk5-4.3.0/bin/icecore start
  • Access the system @ http://myTeamingServer:8080

Novell Teaming 1.0 Quick Start Guide:

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  1. By:skalyanasundaram

    the file name should be license-key.xml

    You have mentioned it as licence-key.xml (notice the licen{c/s} difference)