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Novell Vibe 3.2 Ships!


November 14, 2011 5:20 pm





Available immediately, the latest release of our team workspace solution has been officially released.

Check out the latest features and functionality that compliments our GroupWise solution with added collaboration, document management and work flow with Novell Vibe.

Version 3.2 has just been released!

Download the eval/starter pack from here.

Or you can order the product or update your version using the ‘Customer Center’.

Novell Vibe Product page:

Novell Vibe 3.2 makes team collaboration even easier and more efficient with new mobile apps that make it seamless to connect from your favorite device, enhancements that give you better control, and overall performance improvements that tighten the flow of your experience. From a high level, here are the top areas of focus for this new release:

  • File management
  • Improvements with workflows and surveys
  • Expanded capabilities with landing pages and task management
  • New mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices
  • Performance, usability and quality improvements

Here is a link to the product page for more details.

Novell Vibe SandBox

Not sure what Novell Vibe can do for you and your organization? Check out the Novell Vibe Sandbox, where you can setup your own account, see use case videos, try out the work flows and see where personal productivity meets team collaboration.

Novell Vibe makes it easy for users and teams to contribute, share and find the knowledge they need, while preserving that knowledge long after its original contributors have either left the organization

Also note, Novell Vibe, formerly known as Novell Teaming, has been under development for several years. Novell acquired this technology about 3 years ago and has since made very focused and regular improvements. If it has been a while since you looked at Novell Vibe, you are in for an awesome surprise. Not only has the engineering team spent significant efforts in adding new functionality, but they have also significantly improved the user interface, added integrations with GroupWise that are compelling and provided out-of-the box solutions with ‘Forms and Work Flows’.

GroupWise Integrations

I want to specifically highlight the integration pieces that are available between GroupWise and Vibe. First of all, once the administrator links the two systems together, the end-user will see all of their Vibe workspaces/folders in their GroupWise folder tree. As they navigate these folders, they will be able to access Vibe content without ever leaving GroupWise. End-users can also easily drag/drop content from their GroupWise inbox to their integrated Vibe folder and have that content automatically copied to the Vibe repository/workspace. Of course, you can also send content directly to Vibe by sending an email to the Vibe workspace folder email address.

In addition, if you do a ‘Find’ in GroupWise, you will get hits in both GroupWise and Vibe and the query results dialog will easily present all of the results. Finally, new for GroupWise 2012 is the Vibe mail message icon indicator. All messages and notifications that are sent to your GroupWise email account from Vibe will have a special icon that will allow you to easily identify messages and content from Vibe. When you open/read those messages, they are no longer static message bodies, but actually load the content in real-time from Vibe as you open/read the messages/notifications.

So in summary:

  • Integrated Vibe workspaces in the GroupWise folder tree
  • Access live Vibe content without leaving your GroupWise habitat
  • Easily drag/drop or email content from GroupWise to Vibe
  • Search in GroupWise facilitates query results from Vibe as well
  • New Vibe icon indicators with any message from Vibe.

We will also soon release the Novell DataSynchronizer Vibe Connector which further expands the integration to include team task/appointment synchronization between GroupWise and Vibe.

We are very excited about the growing and robust set of collaboration solutions that are now available from Novell. They include: Novell GroupWise, Novell Vibe, Novell Messenger and Novell DataSynchronizer.


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  1. By:FlyingGuy

    Where is the SDK? This product could be made into some serious software integrated with GW and I have a small law firm just itching to have a solution but the developer site has almost nothing and the “resources” are might lean my friend.

    And the Novell website is getting slow. Close to 25 seconds for the preview to come up.

  2. By:dlythgoe

    Vibe has an ‘open source’ component. If you are not aware, you can take a look at There is some documentation, examples and other information.

    Is this the developer site you are referring to? I realize it is a on the ‘light’ side. I will look into the schedule for updating some of the collateral on the Kablink site.


    • By:FlyingGuy

      That concerns me much much less then very tight integration with GroupWise and the Novell file system. You want this product to fly? We need a serious SDK and documentation from Novell.

      The open source thing while nice has its own agenda and its own user base that does not involve Novell, hence the often disjointed feeling and look of the product. If this is going to be a Novell Product, then lets get it together!