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Novell Vibe 3.3 Now Available!


June 12, 2012 10:00 am





We’re pleased to announce that Novell Vibe 3.3 is being released today, amidst a groundswell of growing customer interest.

In fact, for many of our customers, Novell Vibe is going viral—and is in danger of becoming every bit as omnipresent as email when it comes to using collaborative tools for getting work done. its team collaboration platform.

There are many ways Novell partners are positioning Novell Vibe to enhance sales and provide service opportunities:

  • Use it as an opportunity to get into new accounts: Vibe has no dependencies on other Novell products and now offers easy integration with Microsoft Office, offline file sync, and access from any mobile device.
  • Use it as a retention tool for keeping Novell GroupWise customers: While Vibe doesn’t require GroupWise, it integrates nicely with both GroupWise and Messenger, giving these customers more value from their current investments.
  • Use it to promote faster time to productivity: Unlike the competition, Vibe offers quick installation and setup with flexible configuration options, easy site and workspace creation, and end-user customization—all without complicated steps or IT involvement.
  • Use it to promote return-on-investment: With robust content management, feature depth and workflow capabilities—and all secured with role-based access controls—Vibe delivers powerful ROI to its customers.

Novell Vibe 3.3 is a strong release, perfected through years of experience at customer sites around the world and here at Novell. One of the vital players in the overall Novell collaboration story, Novell Vibe is a vibrant addition to the productivity tools that users and business decision-makers are looking for—not just today, but going forward. See it here, in the roadmap.

Get to know Novell Vibe. It’s an excellent reminder of how Novell makes the workplace more productive, secure and manageable.

Find these new communication tools and more resources here.

Novell Vibe Add-In for Microsoft Office and Novell Vibe Desktop

Novell Vibe 3.3 gives users the power to easily manage Office documents within Vibe workspaces and access and sync files offline

This latest version features seamless integration with Microsoft Office 2010 and 2007, making it easier for people to get their work done with their primary work tools and share it with others in the right team context. This release also features Novell Vibe Desktop, which gives users offline access and sync capabilities to files stored in Vibe.

Mobility, social tools and the drive for better productivity are transforming the business landscape. With mobile applications for Android and iPhone, and social activity streams, Novell Vibe is right where people in the workplace need it to be with the tools they want to use to work more effectively. This latest release delivers even more powerful ways for people to work together. Through the Novell Vibe Add-in for Microsoft Office, users can open, modify and save Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly from their Vibe workspace. The Add-in also helps people work on documents together: a live comment stream aids discussion and decisions about content; each user can edit a file and be notified when another person’s edits are available to preview and merge; and the group can see document history and compare versions.

The latest release of Novell Vibe also includes Vibe Desktop, which enables users to easily access and sync files offline. Users simply download Vibe Desktop and can then connect and sync any folders and files from their Novell Vibe system to their desktop. They can then access these files offline, with any changes automatically syncing between their desktop and Vibe once they are back online.

Novell Vibe 3.3 is independent and works with any standard email system. It includes tight integrations with Novell GroupWise 2012, giving users access and interaction across Vibe and GroupWise content from one place, bridging the gap between personal and team productivity to make people more efficient throughout their work day.

Download it today! Remember if you are a NOWS customer, you already own this technology and are entitled to this update. Make sure you are getting the very most out of your investments with Novell and GroupWise by implementing and deploying Novell Vibe.


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  1. By:jamestaylor

    …and the plug-in only works with MS Office.

    This makes it irrelevant to an environment that uses Mac and Linux desktops.
    If you can’t sync to all of your clients, there’s no point in using it on any of your clients.
    I can make it work for a number of my customers, but I have a hard time recommending a product that I can’t use in my own business.

    I realize a Mac client is scheduled, but right now, if we want to share files across platforms, it is iFolder or shared storage on the server at this point.

    Even with a direct web connection, the drag and drop file upload in Vibe doesn’t work with Linux ( it may work with Mac, I need to test it again…).

    Vibe requires a lot of manual file copying to work for us, and it is very labor intensive and not automatically synced.

  2. By:FlyingGuy

    So have you released an SDK for it? Any kind of documentation that tells you step by step how to use vibe for a variety of tasks? And who on earth set up the page to play music that I cannot turn off! are you kidding me?

    1. No SDK
    2. Only really works on Windows clients ( so much for web 2.0 ).
    3. Examples that are barely boiler plate and modifying them is hunt and peck because once again no sdk.