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Novell Vibe Competitive Review (SharePoint)


November 4, 2011 3:30 pm

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Vibe vs. SharePoint

Have you ever asked yourself how to tell one collaboration solutions from the other? Novell has spent a lot of time talking up Vibe, an enterprise collaboration solution, but how does it compare to other software, specifically SharePoint?

We get the question enough that we thought we could spend some time on it. We’ve put together this white paper to help address some of the major differences between SharePoint and Novell Vibe.

Some of the Vibe strengths listed are price, administration and maintenance cost savings, and robust feature set. Read this white paper to learn how Vibe stands out in its class.

Check it out here.

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  1. By:grohin

    I went through the document.
    Its very well structured and gives a comprehensive picture of the requirement and solution space.

    Thanks for sharing…

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  2. By:rqsulfates

    I think it is very inportant for us to have you -Novell!!

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  3. By:rqsulfates

    I have read through all the article, It is structuring very well, and i agree all the things in it ! I have got many knowledge about this topic!! Thanks a lot !!

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