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Novell Vibe OnPrem 3.1 Ships!


July 6, 2011 10:45 am





Get the latest version of Novell Vibe OnPrem. The latest version shipped on June 27th and is publicly available.

This new version enhances existing functionality and introduces several new features our customers have anticipated.

What’s New in Novell Vibe OnPrem 3.1?

The Novell Vibe OnPrem development model yields rapid releases that each bring improvements to make team collaboration even easier and more efficient. Learn more about what’s new in Version 3.1 here.

  • Novell Vibe OnPrem Connector for calendar and task sync with GroupWise® (in technical preview)
  • Task management
  • What’s New activity stream
  • Landing pages
  • Key features for customers migrating from Forum
  • Searching

We’ve also added over 40 new “how to” videos and updated the workflow templates, all available in the Novell Vibe OnPrem Resource Library .

Internally, Novell uses Novell Vibe in several critical roles. We currently store all of our documents in Vibe. This allows us to easily share, comment, update, collaborate and distribute content across our teams and include team members from other areas of the company. We have also used Novell Vibe as our collaboration tool in several of our product BETAs. Currently, GroupWise Ascot is using Novell Vibe as the main interface between development and our BETA customers. We utilize the forums for discussions, we distribute the code through Vibe and we even provide training videos through Vibe.

Personally, the best feature of Novell Vibe is the capability we added to GroupWise so that from the GroupWise ‘Find’ feature, you can automatically search content in Novell Vibe. This allows me to stay in the tool I use most often – email – and issue a search across my mailbox and Vibe store to find documents, comments, emails, contacts. I don’t always remember where the content may be stored, but this makes that a no-brainer – best feature ever!!!

Share with us how your organization is utilizing Vibe and tell us what features you like best!

If you have questions, please contact Tracy Smith at or Wendy Steinle at


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