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Novell Vibe OnPrem Video: Document Management


February 1, 2011 10:23 am





A big problem within all organizations is knowing who has the latest versions of documents as well as just knowing if a document exists or not. This lack of control on document versions and whether a document actually exists or not causes delays in productivity and wastes time. Users need a tool that will help them manage their documents and be able to track who has what version, what edits were made, etc. This will make team projects go much faster by removing the need to manually track down edits, create new versions and manage the overall document life cycle.

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  1. By:ehanley

    OK – I see that Vibe OnPrem has document management, but my current GroupWise 8.0.2 has it also, and my users are using it. What is Novell’s migration solution of my current documents from GroupWise DMS to Vibe OnPrem DMS when I go implement it?

    • By:Teaming_Library


      Vibe OnPrem will continue to improve the document management capabilities until there is parity with GroupWise document management. Depending on how customers use GW document management, they may wait or start to leverage the functionality in Vibe OnPrem now. Migration tools are planned for when parity is reached – expected in 2012. There is no reason to migrate now unless the functionality in Vibe OnPrem is sufficient or provides needs currently not addressed.