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March 18, 2008 10:21 am





It’s been an interesting week for the web team. We have had the opportunity to chat with several of you about your impressions and feedback about our new site refresh, and we appreciated your candor and suggestions.

As you may have noticed, we’ve made several changes already based on your feedback. Within the first day we removed the notorious starfield Flash animation from the Login page. This did not go unnoticed — many of you graciously wrote to thank us for that.

Within three days we had taken your advice to “lighten up” — and had swapped a light background in on the Login Page. Shortly thereafter we did the same on the Feedback page.

With those changes, the bulk of the complaints were addressed, and things have started to settle down a bit. Now we are seeing more feedback about the rest of the design changes down in the 2nd tier of pages. The use of color on the new Solution pages, and the wider layout have been well received.

Interestingly, several of you have written in again to mention that the site is growing on you, which is welcome news. It is nice to see that people will write in when they like something as well as when they don’t.

The team continues to march forward in addressing some of the remaining technical challenges, and we hope to bring swift resolution to them.

Meanwhile, keep the feedback flowing in. We consider you our allies in producing a first-rate web site that both markets Novell AND supports Novell’s customers.

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  1. By:FlyingGuy

    Things still haven’t changed over at the support section, still the same problems that I mentioned in my previous post. As to the “Alphabet Line” for finding patches, someone needs to get on the database stick and figure out what is going on. I selected “N” and I watched the little “Twirly Circle” sit there and spin for the better better part of a minute before anything popped up.

    Is you back end db so bad that -| select PatchName from Patches where name like ‘N%’ |- takes almost a minute to complete or is it the AJAX code that you are using that is causing things to crawl so badly?

    You know I like innovation as much as the next person, but guys, come on! A menu that comes crawling down and covers half of the screen?????

    I am sorry, but you guys and Madonna are the only ones who do such foolish things. it is bad design, bad ergonomics and it just looks completely and totally like you are a bunch of kids who just discovered JavaScript.

    I have always expected better from Novell… Please don’t lower the bar now.

  2. By:samthendsgod

    I would like to concur with the folks who do not like the dropdown – it’s cheesy, and as one fella mentioned, looks like someone there just discovered how to use java.

    It’s aggravating as all get out when my mouse inadvertently rolls over the thing and down it drops, covering nearly half the page with something that I don’t like to begin with.

    Can you not make a simple menu on the left with the same options? Or at least allow the user to enable or disable the java menu. (I bet if you were to do that you’d find far more people choosing to disable it than to be bothered with it.)

    After all, open source is all about choice, right?