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Office 2007 deployment — experience from the SuperLab


March 22, 2009 4:52 pm





One of the outputs from my week in the SuperLab in January ( see here for background ) is a guide to deploying Office 2007 using ZENworks Configuration Management.

I’ve created a slide deck containing how Office 2007 was deployed and attached it to this post. Note that this is draft and the methodology will most likely require changes for your environment.

Please post back any comments or issues that you run into.

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Disclaimer: This content is not supported by Micro Focus. It was contributed by a community member and is published "as is." It seems to have worked for at least one person, and might work for you. But please be sure to test it thoroughly before using it in a production environment.


  1. By:kjhurni

    If you cache with ZEN or ZCM, doesn’t the Office 2007 content (ie, the 500+ MB) live in the ZEN/ZCM Cache?

    And then when you launch the install from there, Office will create another localinstallcache on the workstation, thus leaving you with basically two copies of the 500+ MB of data?

    • By:blartfast

      This method takes advantage of bundles remaining in the local cache for a defined period to allow you to distribute over a period of time, before commencing with the installation. When time period for the bundle has expired, ZCM agent will delete it. This gives 500Mb+ back to Windows.

      You’re correct in saying that Office 2007 does leave a copy of the install files behind. This happens if there is > 2Gb free disk space. I believe that you can stop Office doing this if needed.


      • By:kjhurni

        Thanks Jon.

        Yes, ZCM is much better at deleting the cached content compared to ZEN 7 (IMO).

        Thanks for all the hard work and the EXCELLENT documentation and explanation with ZCM.

        That’s an awesome job you did!

  2. By:uuuttt321

    I’ll definitely have to take a look. I’m getting ready to go through a big Office 2007 deployment at my company.

    Hopefully I can avoid some surprises.

    Sys Admin and Consultant:

  3. By:lowcarb

    Thanks Jon alot,
    This will certainly help me through my office deployment. I will notify you if I face any problems.

  4. By:River7

    This really will help me get some grounds on this new installment at our office. Just excellent!!

  5. By:CharlesMJ

    This could definitely assist us. We’ve tried various techniques like msi’s unsuccessfully and after reading your doc I now know why!!!

    Will let u know how it pans out for us…


  6. By:apmcomp

    Is the slide deck and the rest of the information available for this post? I can’t seem to locate it.