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Omni launches new Riva CRM Integration website


September 15, 2010 5:53 pm





Need to sync GroupWise contact and calendar information to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Sugar CE / Professional / Enterprise, Oracle CRM, SageCRM, Saleslogix, NetSuite or other leading CRM systems?

Visit the new Riva website here:

Riva – Advanced, server-side CRM Integration for GroupWise

Riva Integration Server from Omni delivers advanced, server-side CRM data integration for Novell GroupWise. Riva gets installed once on a server and transparently syncs contact, calendar, sales and support information to GroupWise, GroupWise WebAccess, the GroupWise cross-platform client (Mac / Linux) and to Novell Data Synchronizer supported mobile devices – with NO client-side plug-ins.

Omni has also developed the first cloud-based CRM integration service for GroupWise called Riva Live. Riva Live is ideal for

Supported CRM systems

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Oracle CRM On Demand
  • Sugar Community
  • Sugar Professional
  • Sugar Enterprise
  • Sage Saleslogix
  • SageCRM On Demand
  • NetSuite
  • GoldMine
  • info@hand
  • inintelecrm
  • DataSync Suite

What gets synchronized

  • Address book information: Accounts, contacts and leads
  • Calendar data: Appointments, meetings, tasks and phone calls
  • Emails: GroupWise emails to the CRM
  • CRM opportunities, cases, quotes, projects and more

Riva SmartConvert and AssignTo Folders

One of the coolest aspects of Riva its Riva SmartConvert and AssignTo Folders. Riva automatically adds a series of SmartConvert Folders to users’ GroupWise cabinet:

  • Create Email Opportunities
    • Create Opportunity
    • Assign To Opportunity
  • Cases
    • Create Case
    • Assign To Case
  • Quotes
    • Create Quote
    • Assign To Quote

These folders are optional. So, if a salesperson in your environment does not deal with cases or quotes, you can configure Riva not to display these folders.

Here are a few scenarios where these Riva SmartConvert and AssignTo Folders reduce manual CRM data entry and allow staff to work more efficiently:

  1. Archive emails to CRM accounts and contacts: By copying a GroupWise email into the “Create Email” folder, Riva will automatically archive the email to the associate CRM account and contacts who are included in the To: and CC: fields. If the account and/or contacts do not exist, Riva will automatically create them. You fully automate this process, if you wish, by creating a GroupWise rule that automatically copies inbound and outbound emails to the “Create Email” folder.
  2. Archive emails to CRM opportunities, cases and quotes: Some companies prefer to archive emails against opportunities in addition to the account and contacts. In this case, Riva displays your active opportunities in the “Assign To Opportunity” folder. Copy the email to the appropriate opportunity folder and the email will automatically get archived in the CRM.
  3. Create a new CRM opportunity, case or quote: By copying a GroupWise email into the “Create Opportunity” or “Create Case” folders, Riva will automatically create an opportunity or case, check to make sure the associated account and contacts exist in the CRM, assign the opportunity / case to the user, and sync the new opportunity and case back up to the user’s GroupWise client to be managed.
  4. Manage CRM opportunities, cases and quotes directly from GroupWise: Riva allows users to view their CRM opportunities, cases and quotes directly from within GroupWise – in both connected and disconnected modes. By clicking on the opportunity summary email, users can view the opportunity name, account name, lead source, amount, expected close date, next step, sales stage, probability of closing, and notes in the opportunity description field. The Riva Connect Bar displays review and edit links to open up the opportunity automatically in the CRM without opening the CRM, searching for the opportunity, and clicking to open and edit it. The same process applies to support cases and quotes.

Immediate return on investment

Customers report that Riva saves their sales and support staff up to one hour per day from not having to manually enter data into the CRM. If, let’s say, these salespeople earn $60,000 per year ($30 per hour), Riva will pay for itself in less than two weeks.

During the course of a year, this extra hour per day, per salesperson works out to an extra week of strategic selling time and incremental sales. Other Riva benefits include improved CRM adoption and use, maximum flexibility to work in the application of one’s choice (GroupWise or the CRM), access to CRM information on one’s mobile device, support for Mac and Linux users, and more.

More information

Riva CRM Integration

GroupWise CRM integration

Supported CRM systems

Customer case studies

Riva editions and pricing

15-day trial version



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