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Omni Success Story: Frankfort Schools Use Omni eControl to Manage eDirectory and Active Directory Student Accounts


March 18, 2009 5:38 pm





Partner Name: Omni
Customer Name: Community Schools of Frankfort
Partner Products Used: Omni eControl
Novell Products Used: Novell GroupWise, eDirectory, SUSE Linux
Enterprise Server, OES and others.


Community Schools of Frankfort, an Indiana-based school corporation with 3,300 students, recently implemented a unique username and password requirement for student eDirectory accounts. The result was a significant amount of helpdesk time spent dealing with user password requests and lost student productivity.

With Omni eControl, helpdesk operators and select teachers have been given the ability to manage password changes – through a secure, “ZERO-Rights” browser interface.

The end result – increased security, delegated user administration without assigning excessive administrative rights, controlled identity management, increased productivity and peace of mind.


“In the past, middle school students used a generic login account. For this school year, we decided that all middle school students would have a unique username and password. Well, the backlash from this was that students could not remember their passwords,” explained Greg Long, IT Director for Community Schools of Frankfort, “and my tech team was spending hours upon hours resetting passwords. Not to mention the class instruction time that students lost because they were waiting about half of their class period just trying to get logged in.”

After implementing unique username and password requirements, the helpdesk staff and teachers quickly became overwhelmed by password changes. The pressing challenges were:

  • How to implement a secure and stable solution that would alleviate the stress
  • How to continue to enforce unique username and password requirements
  • How to enable select teachers to modify passwords with minimal effort so that they could get back to teaching
  • How to enable helpdesk staff to quickly administer user accounts without having to use Java-based tools like iManager and ConsoleOne

Partner/Novell Solutions:

“Our Novell Platinum Partner, Integrity Network Solutions, recommended Omni eControl for Mixed Networks.”

“Using eControl, I can now select the teachers that I want to have the ability to reset passwords (only reset passwords) for the specific eDirectory container or group that I see fit,” continued Long. “No access to ConsoleOne, no need to set up complicated iManager Role-based Services, organizational roles, etc. The teachers can’t mess anything up, because the interface (a simple web interface) doesn’t give them any option to do so.”

With eControl, you can delegate restricted tasks to junior administrators, help desk operators, support staff and even end-users. They will only be able to complete those tasks which they have been assigned.

  • NO Trustee Assignments.
  • NO access to the file system.
  • NO access required to ConsoleOne, NWAdmin or iManager.

These everyday tasksinclude resetting eDirectory and GroupWise passwords, creating new users, managing GroupWise distribution lists, eDirectory groups, unlocking intruder lockout and many others.

“Using remote access technology, Omni technical staff remotely installed and configured the eControl server in under an hour. We received real-time training during the initial setup and configuration. We were up and running live in our environment in under three hours,” explained Long.


“We use eControl to delegate password management to our helpdesk staff and select teachers,” continued Long. “The workload between helpdesk staff changing passwords and teachers writing emails to request password changes has dropped by 99%. We’ve totally relieved helpdesk call volume and our teachers now feel empowered to correct password problems and get right back to teaching.”

“If you want to try it out, you can test eControl on Omni’s Live Demo Server. That’s where I started. You can experience just how easy it is for our teachers and helpdesk operators to manage student accounts.”

eControl delivers a “ZERO Rights” user account management tool that empowers junior administrators, helpdesk operators, support staff and even end-users to perform common user account management tasks in eDirectory, GroupWise, Active Directory and Exchange – from a web browser – with NO Rights!

Customer Quotes:

“The simplicity of Omni eControl is awesome. I love it! My teachers love it! My techs love it. I wish I had known about this a long time ago. It is the perfect solution for allowing teachers to manage their student accounts on both the Novell eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory sides.”

Greg Long, IT Director

Community Schools of Frankfort

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