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Omni Success Story: GWAVA


August 20, 2009 5:22 pm





Partner Name: Omni
Customer Name: GWAVA
Partner Products Used: Riva Integration Server for GroupWise
Novell Products Used: Novell GroupWise, eDirectory, and others.

GWAVA Uses Riva Integration Server to Integrate Salesforce with GroupWise and Improve Sales


In 2009, GWAVA‘s sales team migrated from GoldMine CRM to Salesforce, the number one SaaS CRM. Since Salesforce does not support email natively, it was important for GWAVA to find a solution that provides integration and interoperability between GroupWise and Salesforce.


CRM systems, while excellent for managing customer sales and support data, do not provide the full capabilities of an enterprise messaging system, such as Novell GroupWise. Some CRMs provide basic email capabilities; others, like Salesforce, do not offer any native email functionality.

The biggest challenge facing organizations that deploy a CRM is the requirement to integrate the CRM with the company’s email, customer support and financial systems. Without transparent integration, salespeople spend valuable time manually entering data in multiple applications, workflows are disrupted, and valuable information may not get captured in the CRM – because the process is cumbersome and takes too much time away from selling.

“During our Salesforce roll-out, we understood the importance of seamlessly integrating Salesforce with GroupWise,” said Travis Doherty, Lead Implementation Manager at GWAVA. “While CRM companies often provide basic plug-ins for Outlook, these solutions deliver only the bare minimum and do not form part of the CRM’s core business.”

Partner/Novell Solutions:

“The best CRM integration solution for GroupWise is Riva Integration Server from Omni,” said Doherty. “Riva Integration Server provides transparent, server-side synchronization of accounts, contacts, leads, appointments, tasks, notes and phone calls between Salesforce and GroupWise. An update to a CRM account will automatically update the GroupWise Address Book and vice versa.”

“In addition, Riva Integration Server can be set to synchronize CRM opportunities, quotes and support cases that are normally not available in GroupWise. The ability for salespeople to view all their opportunities in GroupWise and to log GroupWise emails to the CRM with a single click-and-drag leads to greater CRM adoption and user satisfaction.”

“Because the synchronization all occurs on the server side, GWAVA sales staff do not need to worry about installing, configuring or maintaining CRM plug-ins in their email client. There are no interruptions in their workflow nor time spent deciding what information should be captured in the CRM. It all happens automatically.”

“Riva’s server-side integration also allows salespeople to work from the GroupWise client of their choice – whether Windows, Mac, Linux, WebAccess, BlackBerry Enterprise Server or a GroupWise Mobile Server device. Management is centralized and updates only need to be installed on the server and not at the client level.”

“As a developer of commercial software ourselves, we strive to build innovative solutions that do not require client-side software deployment. Riva allows us to tightly integrate GroupWise with, without the need and complexity of software deployment to the various desktops, notebooks and netbooks spread around our three worldwide offices. In this case, less is more,” said Charles Taite, CTO of GWAVA.


“If Riva Integration Server shaves off even 30 seconds per email on 50 emails per day, there are significant time savings. This translates to a savings of 104 hours per year (or 13 extra days of selling) – per salesperson. And don’t forget the impact of having better information to support the sales processes, the results of benefiting from improved CRM adoption and usage, lower management and support costs and cross-platform integration capabilities.”

I highly recommend Riva Integration Server to all GroupWise customers who want to leverage their existing GroupWise expertise and investments and provide best-of-breed, trouble-free CRM integration. Omni has been excellent to work with during our CRM implementation process.”

Customer Quotes:

“There is no comparison between Riva Integration Server and the Outlook plug-in provided by Salesforce. Riva delivers seamless, server-side integration that fits our sales processes, leverages our GroupWise expertise, and allows sales staff to work efficiently and access CRM data when and where they need it.”

Travis Doherty, Lead Implementation Manager

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