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One Mouse Click to Proxy to Someone’s Email


October 13, 2009 5:17 pm




  • Just do a Tools/Find and check the other user’s account in the proxy list and uncheck all others.
  • Then select mail and Received. Click OK to execute the Find.
  • When you get the results, click File and Save as Folder and save it somewhere in the cabinet with a name like PROXY BOSS emails.
  • Then right click the big Nav bar up top that lists Home|Mailbox|Calendar and choose customize NAV bar.
  • Find the folder you just created and place a check mark by it and click OK.

This will put a shortcut to that folder on the NAV bar to the supervisor’s email account.

This works with GroupWise 7.03 and up.

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Disclaimer: This content is not supported by Micro Focus. It was contributed by a community member and is published "as is." It seems to have worked for at least one person, and might work for you. But please be sure to test it thoroughly before using it in a production environment.


  1. By:dzanre

    Most of this post will work for all version of GroupWise. You can simply make the search folder and have it as a “folder” which still can serve as a “one click” solution. Only GroupWise 7 and above will have the Nav bar to add it to for the last steps of the solution.

    Thanks for posting this 🙂


  2. By:dominicus

    I cannot find any options in the find window to proxy user.
    I think this is only a WINDOWS solution! or….?
    Am I missing something?



  3. By:ad1az

    Very Creative!

  4. By:dzanre

    Dominicus – while it is correct that you cannot set this up from a Mac, if you have access to a Windows client you can create the folder in Windows, and then it functions quite properly in the Mac/Linux client!


  5. By:PTSaputo

    Unfortunately, the find folder includes all folders on the proxied mailbox, including Trash. To be useful it needs to only find mail in the Mailbox folder.

    Or did I miss something?

  6. By:dzanre


    You are correct – you do not have the ability in the proxied mailbox to choose the folders for the search. You can choose whether you want to see sent, received, etc., but not the folders.


  7. By:gburg

    I think it can be possible to add a column to the Find view “folder” so that it is possible to see in which folder which item is.

  8. By:PTSaputo


    No, the Folder name which appears is the name of the proxied user.

  9. By:aaronm04

    You might not be able to specify the folder, but you *can* filter out unread items. I realize the limitations of this, but it’s better than looking at all of it. Just change the properties of the search folder. I should note that this only seems available in the Windows client, though the results, once set, are visible in the XPlat client.

    In the search folder properties, click the Find tab and Advanced Find button. There should already be a Mail and Received filter there. Click the ‘End’ and change it to ‘And’. In the drop-down, select ‘Item Status’ (use the All Fields button if necessary). Then click the ‘=’ (Includes) and change it to ‘”! Does Not Include.” In the Item Status drop-down, select “Read.” Click OK all the way out and now your folder will show only unread items which, in many cases, are only in the Mailbox folder.

    Again, It’s not perfect, but it’s an improvement.


  10. By:kellt900

    I had a user working on a slow link complain that we wanted to get to the proxy mailbox quickly, and to this end asked “Can I have a button?”

    Good idea, or so I thought.

    A simple and quick fix for this is to try the following.

    In Groupwise at the top select, Window, New Main Window.

    This opens up a new window. From here you can go to archive and have both your main and archive open. Or you can select Proxy and have both Proxy and your own Groupwise open.

    Not ideal, but if you are going to be referring to the Proxied mail all day and the link is slow, it does take the pain of delays out of the equation if you can have it available from the start of the working day.

    You can drag Mailbox to desktop to create a shortcut, so you could have this next to Groupwise icon. Fire up Groupwise in a morning, fire up the shortcut, hey presto two windows.

    It would be nice to have a defined button that points at a proxy account – either tweak it and have the ID or something in there (don’t think it would work with resources).

    I’ll keep plugging away to see what I find.