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Open Enterprise Server 11 Support Pack 1 has shipped!


August 31, 2012 4:04 pm





Many customers have told me that they love OES11 – and that it has been a great, stable release. Now with OES11Sp1 shipping, the hold-outs waiting for the first Support Pack can now deploy :).

OES11SP1 contains all your favorite Novell File and Print services – now updated on the SLES11SP2 platform.

With SP1 we have added several new features such as an Integrated OES/SLES installation DVD, FTP remote home directories, updated eDirectory performance and debugging tools, and a DSFW express installation.

In addition we have added additional Virtualization Platform support, AFP and LUM management, and Btrfs support ( NCP volumes and NCS cluster integration). Although many would not recommend Btrfs for data volumes at this point in time, it is recommended to be used as the root file system, which can give added benefits of file snapshots and rollbacks.

Automated Upgrades are also appearing for the first time in a Support Pack. You can now upgrade all your OES2 64bit servers in an automated and unattended fashion using autoyast and an installation server.

Remember that cool utility in NetWare called dsrepair? We now have a graphical dsrepair that comes with OES11SP1, that helps keep your eDirectory healthy without having to memorize a hundred different switches from ndsrepair :).

Those are a few of the highlights.

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  1. By:FlyingGuy

    Thanks for the announcement and the links…

    But I have to say once again I am disappointed.

    1. NSS is still the red headed step child and you guys are pushing BTRFS ( butters ) and yet telling us to hold off because it is immature. Why have you not ported NSS as a default linux file system that I can select on install?! NSS is superior to BTRFS and is a fully mature journaling file system with millions of hours on it yet it still gets tossed in as an also ran!

    2. dsrepair. Great, now if I don’t want to remember all the switches for NDSREPAIR and I don’t have a functioning x-11 stack I still have to! I mean come ON guys!!!! YAST has both GUI and CUI formats and more then likely uses the the same library that netware uses!!!

    • By:gldavis

      Flying Guy – thanks for your feedback. No worries we are not abandoning NSS – and feedback I am getting as of late is that it is running rock solid and customers continue to love it. We are giving some flexibility of using posix file systems as well – like Btrfs. It can be debated on whether NSS should be the root file system, but for most they are happy to use NSS as the data store and leverage all the qa/testing and work SLES has done to keep a posix file sytem for the root partition. For NSS as a great data store – you will see some new features coming in OES11SP2, that we should be able to share in a couple months.

      As for dsrepair – there were multiple options on how to deliver it – and as the eDirectory team has more customers than just OES, they scoped it according to what most customers demanded. As we showed it at some conferences with lots of OES customers, they were pleased with the design, and commented that for dsrepair like menu option that works from the shell, the cool solution tool works well and suffices as another viable option.

      I hope this helps!

      • By:skapanen

        Hi all,

        Weird that this NSS debate has been going on for years…
        Many users, including me, have tried to emphasize the importance of NSS in OES – to Novell(!).
        Users all know it, but somehow Novell doesn’t. When looking at solutions, it isn’t enough that something is just supported, it needs to be developed, it needs roadmaps, it needs 3rd party support.
        Like maximum sizes, was a problem for a long time.. eventually some work was done, but still not totally solved.
        Also, file level deduplication would give even more edge, but that was dropped.
        IMO, I don’t see any need for using NSS for Linux system partitions though.

        We have now moved to Windows solutions, but NSS is the single biggest thing that I really miss from OES world, it was so much better than the NTFS!

    • By:sveld

      NSS is still the red headed step child …
      NSS as a Linux boot file system will not happen as long as Novell does not open source the tools NSS needs to be manage and maintained. Afaik, NSS itself is still open source since a few years ago, but never really adopted by foss developers. Besides that, these devs tend to do whatever they like, so probably more interesting to create a new filesystem then to pick up something that’s already there. It may involve quite some work to get them interested after all. If NSS driver and infrastructure does not make it in the kernel tree, it’ll just not be shipped with openSUSE and SLE cause the needed tools are just not there. Creating a new SLE iso with NSS for booting (even just for OES purposes) would involve a lot of work and re-certification as it would be treated as just another distro.
      Would fully open sourcing be the best way to go for NSS survival long term, I’m pretty sure of that. Else NSS is just doomed. Best filesystem or not, people tend to use what’s already there (and you may say is most of the time good enough). I believe reality is that most of us are moving off the Novell (NCP) Client, there is ‘no need’ then for the features NSS offerts in the way it does as these are tight integrated with NCP and the Client (Salvage). Right maturity still count hugh of course, but this is a commercial offering not a foss project.
      Think the simple take is that Novell has to make the hard decision to abandon NSS over time and jump on another ‘default’ (Enterprise) filesystem, which can then be enhanced with the features ‘we’ need. That needs time and trust. I’ll be a turning point I see, comparable to when was decided to leave NetWare a jump on Linux – just cause it was the best thing to do (after years struggling to port to and maintain open source projects on NetWare). Now again we are on the turning point where the NCP client is being left, driven my multi device (more web like) access. We can’t change how people (managers, admins, users) want to work, we only can give them the Easiest and Best tools available to do their jobs. Only if we keep that in mind for OES, there is room for further growth. If we stick at how we did things in the past just cause we’re used to do it that way, we’ll be just run over,,,, Think the figures speak for themselves.

      @Flyinggui plz do not see this as an attempt to convince you, more how I do see these thinks.

  2. By:dkerbaugh

    Netware was awesome and OES 11 rocks!

    All the services, features, and enhancements thrown into OES 11 are great. Things like the dsrepair GUI is an additional bonus.

    The fact that we can move our Netware servers to Linux servers running eDirectory and host data on NSS volumes, that’s so awesome!

    I’m so excited to be able to keep eDirectory, store data on NSS volumes, and NOT have to move my servers to a Windows platform!

    OES 11 rock on!