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Open Enterprise Server 2 SP1 Public Beta – It’s here!


October 15, 2008 10:48 am





When Open Enterprise Server 2 shipped in 2007, I felt pretty good about what we had achieved in transitioning many of the services from NetWare and adding new value with things like Dynamic Storage Technology.

That said, I also knew there was still work to do. Although we had done a good job with Directory Integrated DNS and DHCP, improving our Clustering story, revamping the installation and a host of other improvements, our customers (you) needed more. Well, Novell is delivering. New in SP1:

– Domain Services for Windows
We are set to release Domain Services for Windows, allowing eDirectory to look and behave just like Active Directory. I won’t go into too much detail here, as there is an excellent article about to be released via Novell Connections Magazine. Watching the reaction of people when you Demonstrate Windows workstations seamlessly connecting to a Linux server using a full AD style login and carrying that authentication over to a Windows Server is always interesting.

– Migration tools
This area is receiving a huge amount of work and focus in the run up to SP1. There is a whole new dashboard and framework that is very easy to use. Migration can go all the way back to NetWare 5.1 (including Traditional File System), perform service migrations from NetWare to OES Linux (such as DNS, DHCP etc.) AND the ability to take a running NetWare server and migrate the identity of that server to Linux. This means taking a NetWare server called ‘SERVER1’, migrating the whole server to Linux and that OES2 Linux server is now ‘SERVER1’. The first time you see this happen, its jaw dropping.

– Novell engineered CIFS and AFP protocols
The Native File Access Pack (NFAP) for NetWare had the option to allow simple CIFS and AFP connections to NetWare using native protocols from Windows and Mac. These new protocols mimic that functionality and enhance it in a number of areas.

– iFolder 3.7
Another significant update that has a new Mac client, full support for Windows Vista x32 and x64, a new web interface, improved administration options, new server side migration tools from previous versions of iFolder and a much better way to recover a passphrase for encrypted iFolders.

– NetWare 6.5 SP8
As part of our ongoing support of NetWare 6.5, OES2 SP1 will include Support Pack 8 for NetWare customers. We’ve made some changes to the NetWare Kernel to support enhancements in the XEN hypervisor and the usual round of defect fixes.

I could go on for ages about the various bumps and tweaks that have happened outside of the major items. Things like 64-bit eDirectory, enhancements to DNS and DHCP (again!), support for SLES10 SP2 and so on. The best thing to do is head over to and check it out for yourself. You’ll like what you see.

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  1. By:Anonymous

    Is the Netware FTP gateway functionality ported to OES-SLES for this release? It’s what allows you to “cd” from one Netware FTP server to another Netware server (which may not even be running FTP). My organization has business-critical processes that depend on this, and we were hoping not to have to purchase an extended support agreement for Netware in 18 months.

  2. By:FlyingGuy

    being included as a native bootable file system for SLES.

    • Raiser is DONE, its author and head architect is in prison for a very long time.
    • NSS Supports more of the critical POSIX functions then ANY of the rest of them, and it is blazingly fast, faster then ALL of the rest of them.
    • Can you slavage deleted files from Raiser, EXT2/3, any of them with a mouse click? No you can’t, that particular feature has saved SO many peoples bacon and you all know I am right, yet you refuse to move, what a pity.
    • NDS with NSS is as about an unbreakable combination as you can get.

    Why oh why do you people insist on throwing the baby out with the bathwater? It is just completely illogical and moreover its pretty damn stupid. I mean for crying out loud, you have arguably the best file system in production today and you are just not growing it to its potential. Instead you act like a bunch of “It aint created by the community man!!” Linux heads that will bankrupt themselves on the horns of their misplaced ideals.

    Give me real concrete reasons why you guys have this attitude, that make sense and I will stop screaming about this, but until then I will keep raising this over and over again until you guys wake up and smell the stock price!

    • By:Anonymous

      just open source all of it … danged it all.

      NSS running natively on SLES would just rock … but at this point, Novell does not even recommend using NSS for GroupWise volumes (or has that changed …).

      I imagine it is a fair bit of work to get NSS support, including the symantecs for rights, into the linux kernel … it would represent a sea-change in Linux file systems.

      But it could also be some true leadership that Novell brings to the community … gees, if NSS could become a default file system for linux. How cool would that be?

  3. By:anonymous

    This would let us retire ALL our Netware servers.. or else we would need to keep one around just for that 🙁

    • By:Anonymous

      You’re lucky if you need only one server for this . I have to support over 40 WAN sites, so there’s no way I can get away with a single FTP gateway server. Plus, we do clustering. It quickly adds up to a lot of servers. Ugh, extended support.. boss is not going to be happy unless it’s cheap.

      • By:anonymous

        It really does, I have a client that has 6 servers all linked on T1’s all over the city of San Francisco. I can log into ANY server through FTP and then type cd \\servername\volume\directory and I am there.

        This is the power of ftp coupled with Novell Directory Services, sign into one server and you sign into them all that you have rights to and you can get any file you need.

        YES use the Linux kernel, but also bring along all the insanely great services that have been built into NetWare because the software just ROCKS!

  4. By:Gregg

    I’d love to know if the migration tools are capable of taking an existing NetWare 5.1 server and migrating it’s complete identity, IP, and services to new hardware running OES2/linux.

  5. By:Anonymous

    I’m hoping that you will be supporting SLES 11 the day it ships with an OES 2 SP2. The wait has been long for OES 2 SP1 to allow the use of SLES 10 SP2. It would be nice if things were a little more synchronized.

    Can’t wait to hear what is next at Brainshare.

  6. By:tmstone835

    I have been working with both pure-ftpd and vsftpd in an on-going battle to get a high performance fully eDirectory enabled ftp server at one of my client locations. We have found pure-ftpd to be next to terrible and vsftpd to be pretty good but with its own set of problems.

    In a pure Linux environment, these probably work great but keeping the eDirectory authentication functioning seems to be the real problem. When that component fails, everything fails and then the whole server locks up. It is a mess that could be resolved with a ftp daemon that didn’t rely on LUM, and the local auth cache. We could also then use the proxy feature like the old NetWare ftp server and access remote NSS volumes.

    I was surprised to hear how many of us are leveraging the Novell ftp server and its proxy feature. I think the SuSE folks were also surprised.

  7. By:Anonymous

    Yes, Netware FTP is one of those fantastic Netware features that seemingly many customers have built critical systems around, but that Novell seems to have forgotten about. The end of Netware support is coming fast, so where and when is the solution for these customers?

    • By:Anonymous

      The existing Linux ftp daemons can do the ftp proxy thing but with NFS volumes instead of NSS. There are either some TIDs or Cool Solutions articles about how to do that. The end result is the same as with the Novell ftp server. User logins get redirected to their home directories on other servers. The problem is that you are working with NFS which a bit of an unknown if you have a NetWare background.

  8. By:Anonymous

    NFS has problems, it is based on local accounts and does not integrate well with NDS.

    What we want is NSS integrated with the Linux kernel, integrated with NDS.

    Novell seems to be clueless to the fact that Linux networking is NOT robust, it is NOT designed to be integrated into a directory architecture.

    Current native Linux file systems do not have anywhere NEAR the capabilities of NSS.

    We are going to get the song and dance of “Wait for Butter ( btr fs ) Great a barnd new file system that won;t even approach a ready state for quite some time and what is the bug count going to be, if any of the other file systems out their that are native Linux are any example, it will be quite some time before it is ready for PrimeTime ™.

    Get a clue Novell, you are killing the goose that laid the golden egg!

  9. By:Anonymous

    “AND the ability to take a running NetWare server and migrate the identity of that server to Linux. “— it ain’t workin’…

    As soon as you do first reboot of transfer id process, you can no longer authenticate to target server…says root password is invalid…hope this is fixed, we really need this feature!

  10. By:knoke

    I would like to also pipe in with the need for FTP integration with edirectory and without LUM enabling. This is a fundamental service we expect to work out of the box not some hack that kind of of works.

    I would also add that I think SLP should also be edirectory integrated.

    Another need would be better integration for Macs. If novell hasn’t got the memo, Macs are back. If they would please come out with a client or just buy out Prosoft already. Some other great aquisitions would be portlock and pcounter, both vendors seem no longer all that interested in porting their products over to support SLES/OES.

    That is my 2 cents.

  11. By:dcapote85

    I’d love to know if the migration tools are capable of taking an existing NetWare 5.1 server and migrating it’s complete identity, IP, and services to new hardware running OES2/linux.

    Darryl Capote

  12. By:Gregg

    Hey Darryl Capote:

    I haven’t tried the in-place migration – but it looks like it should work. Read this document: