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Open Enterprise Server 2 Support Pack 3 goes to Public Beta.


November 17, 2010 5:33 pm





OES2SP3 has shipped to public beta!

In OES2SP3 we have not only provided great performance gains, and maintenance updates, but also several new benefits that have been requested by our great customers.

Performance Increase

I’ll admit it, I was blown away when seeing some of our performance improvements for OES2SP3 NSS file system performance. We set out to gain some modest improvements but were able to see increases of 25-40% with IOZONE Physical Sequential Read tests, a 5-13% increase in NSS Backup performance, and a 20-30% increase in tests using Host based Multi-path SANs.

What’s New?

CIFS – Cifs file access has many new features. This gives your organization the flexibility of going “clientless” on your Windows desktops, but still allow you to take advantage of rich OES services. For OES2SP3, CIFS added NLMv2 support, subtree search, and DST access.

DHCP – Added central management of leases files from the Java Console.

DST – Added the ability to stop a running policy, confirm policy deletion, and support for CIFS file access.

DSFW – New features include the following: allowing the domain to be extended to include multiple edirectory partitions, allowing flexible domain names, and allowing Win2008 server to join as a member.

iPrint – Added Universal Print driver with printer driver profile enhancements, and more flexible iPrint Migration Tools.

Auditing – Added support for IP Address Auditing and Close Written Flag and NSS File Handles .

Management – Management just go easier with the abiltiy to use one proxy user for all your OES services. In addtion, Novell has added a single location to find all OES related log files, saving administrators valuable time.

NCS – A lot of improvements here – see .

SLP – Added the ability to keep SLP lookups persistent, registration backup, and DA synchronization. For those that kept SLP on NetWare, you can now move it to OES2!

Quickfinder – Added new file format supports for MS Office and new PDF versions.


These new features listed above are just some of the highlights. For a complete listing of new OES2SP3 features, see , and enjoy the new benefits that these networking, file and print services provide to your business needs.

The beta can be downloaded at

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  1. By:FlyingGuy

    So when is NSS going to be a native file system for Linux?

    NSS is far superior to any of the other file systems out there and has features that carry back a very long way in NetWare’s history.

    Since OES2 is supposed to replace NetWare why can’t we have our file system be native (as in when I pick file systems on install ) as well?

    I would appreciate a complete answer.

    • By:gldavis

      Dear FlyingGuy,

      We are looking at adding the ability to create NSS Pools and volumes as part of the install in a future release. Please send me your contact information and I would be happy to call you and discuss this in more detail.

  2. By:MHGlenn

    I don’t suppose SP3’s a bit more efficient when it comes to logging?


    • By:gldavis


      Check out the new /var/opt/novell/log/oes directory in OES2SP3, it has sym links the log files for all OES services. It should make finding all the log files and troubleshooting much easier.

      • By:MHGlenn

        Outstanding. Can I safely assume the proper settings are passed to logrotate, as well?


  3. By:MHGlenn

    What version of SLES will OES2SP3 be based upon?


    • By:sveld

      SLES10 SP3 + latest patches

      • By:mpatchett

        It would be nice to have a choice of base OS for OES. As Attachmate appears to intend to run Suse and the rest of Novell as two separate businesses, I would think that it would be in everyone’s best interest to make the OES components available on other major distros going forward. For Suse not having the major market share in US, I would think it would be very good for the sale of OES if it was available on the other distros. Novell had already open-sourced Yast, so the install / management tools could be ported. I would think that would give OES inroads to RedHat only or Ubuntu environments.

      • By:sveld

        Well in practice this would need a -large- customer that says OES needs to run on Red Hat/Ubuntu or they won’t use it. Develop, maintain and support OES on other distro’s will a lot of extra dev and testing to get things right and so needs several customers commited to using it on those distro’s. Of course it’s always chicken-egg; first move the services to another platform (high cost vs new features that cannot be realized due to the trade off) or wait for the demand that justifies expanding the OES team… I think we all want features right now (new and enhanced OES services on SLES11)

        Going forward where SuSE will be a seperate company when Attachemate has bought Novell, it may be political less hard to justify support for other distro’s.

        Also going forward also OES (3?) services may be build leveraging the SuSE OBS, that may easy building for those other distro’s.

  4. By:FlyingGuy

    Novell sold off to a venture capitol firm and its “Intellectual Property” to be sold off to a Consortium with Microsoft as a member.

    I wonder what kind of golden parachute there will be for Hovsepian.

    Management has sold you guys down the river to the highest bidder.

    Ray Norda is spinning in his grave.

    Goodnight Novell, alas we knew you well.

    • By:gldavis

      We don’t know all the details yet of the patents, but it will be disclosed by the close of the merger. Many people at Novell are positive about this merger – the opportunity to go private can have some great benefits. In this case for Novell, change is good.

      • By:FlyingGuy

        ANYTHING involving Microsoft will be bad for Novell. Microsoft is determined to destroy Linux if it possibly can. They don’t want to compete on the merits of their software and they never have, they simply want to dominate and they have proven time and time and time again that they will go to any lengths to do so. They were behind the SCO insanity, they have time and time again raped companies of the main engineering drivers just to destroy the company instead of competing on the merits. Their track record is clear.

        Attachmate is an investment company, not a software company. They are going to rip Novell to bits. They are going to either sell off or simply bury what they don’t think they can make a profit from and then they are going start handing out pink slips.

        These guys are NOT in it to make Novell software better, they are in this to sell Novell off to the highest bidders and take their profit and walk away.

        I would would be very happy to be wrong but I think I am only going to be profoundly sad.

        P.S. I have given you my contact info but have yet to hear from you.

      • By:MHGlenn

        ….Because I owe you a beer for tightening-up the logging.


    • By:tmstone835

      …but it is difficult. The last Novell management who seemed to have any real passionate leadership for the company was Chis Stone and we saw what happened when he butted heads with the suits that ran the company. He brought some real excitement to Novell.

      The Microsoft deal drained all of the good will and forward momentum that Suse brought with them. It might not have been a bad business decision from the financial standpoint but Novell should have just changed their logo to a scarlet A after that.

      I can only hope that someone over at Attachmate has the balls and brains enough to see the value in the company as a whole.