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Open Enterprise Server 2015 – Public Beta Available Now!


April 28, 2015 3:46 pm





The next version of Open Enterprise Server has now entered Public Beta, and WE WANT YOU TO PARTICIPATE!

Participating in the Open Enterprise Server 2015 public beta is a win-win — By downloading the Public Beta build of OES 2015 and using it in a controlled (i.e. non-production) environment, you get the advantage of seeing firsthand what the amazing new features of OES 2015 can do for your organization, and we get the advantage of having your invaluable feedback!

So What’s New?

Open Enterprise Server 2015 runs on Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3, and includes many new features and functions, including:

  • NSS Active Directory Integration: Allows Windows users to access NSS volumes
  • SMB v2
  • Improved CIFS Integration
  • Support for up to 8 EXABYTE NSS volumes
  • …and many more performance and stability improvements!

We received a lot of very positive responses to the presentations and discussions we’ve had with customers and partners, most recently at the Open Horizons Summit in Budapest. For most of you, this is your first opportunity to use OES 2015, and we’re excited to use your feedback on this beta to help give this amazing product some final polish before release.

Remember: We can’t make this release its very best without you, so if you would like to participate in the OES 2015 public beta, please visit the following page to sign up and access download links, beta forums, and more:

Download page:

OES 2015 Public Beta Forums:

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  1. By:mcurrie

    Wrong link guys – that link goes to the Zenworks 11 SP4 beta! Not that I am disappointed as I was waiting for that as well!

  2. By:jasonsmr

    The link is to several Open Betas:
    I can confirm that I have access to those three as of: May 24th 2015.

    – > Novell Service Desk 7.1 Teak – OPEN BETA
    – > Open Enterprise Server 2015 – PUBLIC BETA
    – > ZENworks 11 SP4 – PUBLIC BETA

  3. By:jimruhl

    Any update as to when this will be released? It’s difficult to find any news other than the flurry of events of 1Q 2015.