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Partner Solution: GroupWise for Active Directory


August 11, 2009 1:57 pm

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Omni-TS recently announced a beta program for their solution that integrates GroupWise into an Active Directory environment. Think of it a little bit like a Novell IDM solution, but one that is wholly focused on GroupWise. It can either import users into an AD infrastructure, or link an existing eDir account to an existing AD one. It allows users to authenticate against AD but, maybe more importantly, it allows administrators to manage their users from a single point.

Omni are looking for beta customers so, if you are interested, visit this page for more information and details on how to sign up. You will find on-demand presentations and a more detailed description of the offering there too.

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  1. By:Magic31

    Hey Alex,

    that’s an interesting development! It would be good to see this develop into an integrated/native feature. :)

    As for being able to administer Groupwise, is there any info on being able to manage Groupwise using iManager or other tools?


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    • By:aevans

      Thanks for the reply – we have a little bit going on in this space, which I will elaborate on in future blog posts.
      We have direct Active Directory integration planned for the next major release of GroupWise, so no eDir required at all. Of course, that also means that we need some form of administration tool that will work in that environment too – more details will follow as we nail down things in a lot more detail.

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  2. By:AlanHaft

    I want to use this program for my work. Hope this beta program is bugs free!

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