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September 21, 2006 4:07 pm





Today someone mentioned to me “you’re so passionate about Novell’s Resource Management products”, and I must admit I am. But why, why do I think that Novell ZENworks is such a key product for Novell?

Well, I’m just a simple support guy but let me give you my € 0.02 on this (and remember that’s more value then $ 0,02).

We all know the long story about a network operating system many of us love so much, yes I’m talking about NetWare. NetWare is what made Novell “the networking company”, at some point however the IT industry wanted more then just file and print services. Additional products where added to the price list and Novell evolved and now provides a wide range of products focused to the enterprise customer. Many of these products where initially tight to the NetWare platform, at some point these products became more platform independent and would for example also work within a complete Microsoft environment.

OK, but why do I think that Novell ZENworks is such a key product for Novell?

Well, a few years ago Novell made a move, we entered the Linux business, a world with some serious competition with the many many Linux distributions available. What makes Novell so special that we can make a difference within this Linux arena? Linux is just an operating system just like NetWare, but within an enterprise environment you need more. Within an enterprise environment you’ll need to manage the users Identity, you’ll need a scalable collaboration solution, and…. the environment needs to be managed. ZENworks plays a key role in enabling enterprise environments to make the move to a Linux based infrastructure as it provides the management product that allow you to manage desktops and servers in such an environment.

Something to be passionate about?

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  1. By:Grant

    Would it be possible for somebody passionate to do a nice solid (read unbiased) comparison between SMS 2003 w/ all the option packs (like OSD) and ZDM 7 SP1?

  2. By:Ron van Herk

    I know there is some competitive info available somewhere, not sure if we published this on the web or of it’s available to our sales only. I’ll see if I can find some. Any specific area you are looking at?

    I’m no SMS specialist but let me name some benefits for ZEN, the ability to assign applications to users and groups (in addition to workstations), the scalability of ZENworks and the fact that we can run of a NetWare, Windows and Linux back-end.

  3. By:Grant

    Well, most of the info that I’ve found is old. Novell does have a good document, but it’s out of date (doesn’t cover the imaging OSD). As far as scalability, the number a MS consultant gave me were very good.

    The ability to run on Windows, Netware or linux is not a huge thing to me because most companies have Windows already. An advantage primarily for current Novell customers or pure linux shops.

    I love ZEN, but SMS is narrowing the gap in the critical areas. And SMS 2003 has integrated patch management that doesn’t cost extra (primitive compared to patchlink, but does the job). I’d be interested to see a blog post on this issue to see other admins experiences with the products.