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Performance Report and Record of Disciplinary Action Forms Released!


August 12, 2009 1:26 pm

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Performance Report:

This Form and Flow was created as a model which companies can use to quickly evaluate employee performance reports. By rewarding those who are deserving and setting and tracking goals of those who are struggling in specific areas, company productivity will be strengthened. This form was made with easy-to-use check boxes and commentary types for employees strengths and weaknesses in many areas including: communication skills, leadership abilities, interaction with co-workers, incomplete deadlines, organizational skills, attendance, quality of work, etc.

To see and download this form and workflow, please Click Here.

Record of Disciplinary Action:

The Record of Disciplinary Action allows your business to keep track of who’s walking on thin ice and who’s not. Every successful industry needs discipline with their employees and action should be taken when standards are seriously violated. This generalized workflow covers actions such as Verbal Warnings, Written Warnings, Probation, and Suspension. The form also covers General Information, Descriptions, Witnesses, and any punitive actions which may need to be taken.

To see and download this form and workflow, please Click Here.

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