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Pitching Novell File Management Suite to your Pointy-haired Manager


August 26, 2010 9:33 am





GM wrote: This is my own version of Dilbert story. For Narration I’m using PHM to refer to Pointy-Haired Manager 🙂

PHM: Hi Dilbert, I have an issue which I want to discuss with you immediately.

A thought process runs in Dilbert’s mind -” That’s only time you remember me, that is when you have issues which you can’t deal . You never remember me during salary hikes.”

Dilbert: Sure, I will be there in your office

PHM: Dilbert, I have run into a major issue where our file server is missing a few important files .

Dilbert: Is it?

Dilbert’s mind- ” It would have been nice if you were missing from this world ”

PHM: Looks like someone has played a few tricks in the shared file server and I don’t know who would have done this. I had shared the access with many people and don’t know who would have done this.

Dilbert: Hmm… How come you don’t know who would done this?

PHM: Actually what happened was I had shared a set of same credentials with many people.

Dilbert: Ohh.. Is it?

Dilbert’s mind-” Only PHM’s like you can commit this blunder”

PHM: What do we do now, we should avoid this situation in the future. I have lot of issues similar to this. We need to find an optimized way to do data migration without impacting business.”

” Some time back my peer had complained me saying that we have lots of redundant files.”

Dilbert: ya.. this might lead to situation where we run out of space soon. I think we need to take care of this problem quickly before it becomes a monster.

PHM: Dilbert.. my friend.. I’m relying on you to take us out of this problem…

Dilbert’s mind: Suddenly I have become a close associate of my PHM.. hmm….this is how the world is…

Dilbert: sure.. we can come out of this.. I recently remember getting a mail from my friend Girish Mutt in Novell about something called Novell File Management Suite which looks to be able to resolve all the issues that we have today.

PHM: Dilbert.. if you are the man for crisis… I’m so lucky to have someone like you working with me.

Dilbert’s mind: I’m only the man for crisis …. I know the only thing that I can change in this world is my self.

Dilbert: I’m glad you like the idea….

PHM: Dilbert .. I just want to understand what all can be achieved with that solution?

Dilbert: It can do lot of things for us like:
1. Automated file reporting
2. policy based data relocation
3. identity driven data management

It can also help us save costs with data proliferation which will help us allocate space intelligently. We can also have security and compliance to overcome the issue that we have in sharing common credentials which leads to the missing of critical files. I also found that it can help us with seamless data migration . All this can be driven in a policy based approach. I was really impressed to see such an upcoming product that tackles most of the practical issues associated with storage today.

PHM: Wow.. that’s great to hear… Can you get in touch with someone at Novell so that we can quickly close on this deal?

Dilbert: Sure.. I will try to arrange for POC and we can take it forward from there…

PHM: Thanks Dilbert.. You are the man for the crisis as I had told you… I will recommend your name for the promotion.. You truly deserve it…..

Dilbert: Wow.. That’s very sweet of you Mr. PHM….

This is just a small story about how you can tackle storage attached issues in a secured and compliant manner… The product suite that allows you to do is “Novell File Management Suite”

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