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March 29, 2006 11:58 am





We are all back from Brainshare now, what a busy week that was! I hope that everyone that attended enjoyed it, I know I did – the Rattlesnake and Rabbit Sausages were the highlight for me 🙂 I don’t want to steal Jason Williams’ thunder here, so prod him to tell you how they are made.

The GW migration tool proved a very popular subject, both on the Migration and Installation depot and in the tutorial from our IS&T manager – in fact it was the second most popular session on the depot, behind virtualisation on XEN.

The other popular topic of conversation was the GroupWise Mobile Server (powered by Intellisync). We are all very excited about this in the GW team, it’s a huge value add to our customers and we are working very hard to get it out there, though there does seem to be a little confusion, both internally in Novell and externally, about who gets it. So, it is available to all GroupWise 7 customers if they pay maintenance or upgrade protection. We do plan to release an evaluation version publically so you can ‘try before you buy’. I would encourage anyone who either doesn’t currently have a mobile solution, or has issues with their current solution to at least give this a try. If you have Blackberries, or plan on rolling them out, then look here. With these 2 solutions we should be able to keep any device user happy.

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  1. By:Mike Brady

    OK, that’s pretty clear. But, what about people who purchase the product after the Mobile Server is released? Will we be buying the same GW 7 that’s available now? Or will we be buying GW 7, SP1 with the Mobile server baked right in?

  2. With the GroupWise Mobile Server, will it also push to ActiveSync attached devices, or wireless only? There are some issues with GWPDA and the newer PDAs.

  3. By:Alex Evans

    Hi Mike: It doesn’t matter when you purchase GW7, you only get the GMS if you are on upgrade protection or maintenance. Our current plan is to put it up for public download on (it’s not there yet) with an eval key. After the eval key expires you will need to sign up for one of the plans I mentioned and you’ll see the full key in your customer care portal.

  4. By:Alex Evans

    Hi Stuart – the GMS will be able to sync any device that has network connectivity of some kind. This connectivity can be wireless, through a USB cradle attached to a PC and, I guess, IR, bluetooth and however else you might be able to connect to a network – it does not use active sync at all. The GMS is a server on your network, much like the Blackberry Enterprise Server is.
    As for your PDA connect problem are you using the FTF from TID 2973170? This supports windows mobile 5, which I assume you are talking about.