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Problem in Exporting Application object into AOT file using APPXPORT Utility


October 2, 2008 11:05 am





Hi All,
I was trying to Export an application object into an AOT file using APPXPORT Utility. I believe i used the syntax provided in the utility description but i cannot export it.

The syntax for the utility is,

APPXPORT treename objectname filepath

Now the object i need ed to export is MY-OBJECT and The Statement i used was,

But i got the Error message “Exporting…Export error -601 (0xFFFFFDA7)”

Kindly guide me on how to specify the object name in the syntax( I guess i have a problem in specifing object name in the syntax ). I tried it different formats but no use.

Thanks in Advance

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  1. By:spond

    The only thing I can see is that the parameter MY-OBJECT.MY-APPS.Apps.MY-TREE may not be correct, unless the top-level object (the “O”) has the same name as the tree (not best practice).

    The -601 error means that it cannot find the named object. If there is only one object that needs exporting, then the tools in ConsoleOne can be used (tools->ZENworks Utilities->Application Launcher Tools->Export Application object, then specify a name, and the AOT extension).

    Shaun Pond

    • By:JanaGokul

      Thanks for your quick reply Shaun Pond !

      I am trying to export multiple objects as a batch process. I mean to say i need to export my objects with out user inputs ( like ConsoleOne ).
      I will try another/correct way for specifying the object name and let you know if there are any quires.

      • By:Anonymous

        Did you try a leading dot at MY-OBJECT.MY-APPS.Apps.MY-TREE?
        As I remember my exporting of applications the syntax should be:

        Karl-Heinz Hildebrandt

      • By:JanaGokul

        Hi Karl,
        As you mentioned, i missed the leading dot in the object name that troubled me all the way.
        Now it’s working. Thanks a lot for you.


  2. By:Ghuebner

    Long time ago I use the tool.
    I remember you need one ore more dlls from an old netware client. Maybe it also help to map sys:puplic as search volume.