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Public Beta for GroupWise CRM Integration SugarCRM, Microsoft CRM, and Salesforce


January 29, 2008 8:30 am





Omni Announces Public Beta for CRM Integration for GroupWise – Riva CRM Integration for GroupWise for SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.

SAN DIEGO, USA — January 28, 2008 — Earlier today, Omni Technology Solutions announced immediate availability of the public beta of Riva CRM Integration for GroupWise – Desktop Edition or SugarCRM, Microsoft CRM and Salesforce. Interested parties are invited to register on-line to participate in the public beta.

Omni is excited to announce the public beta of Riva CRM Integration for GroupWise – Desktop Edition,” said Aldo Zanoni, CEO and Managing Director of Omni. “Companies need to be able to deliver agile business information to their key employees.  Riva CRM Integration for GroupWise integrates GroupWise into the heartbeat of a business – its CRM.”

Riva CRM for GroupWise – Desktop Edition provides transparent synchronization between GroupWise and SugarCRM (Community Edition, Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition), Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce CRM. Riva delivers bi-directional synchronization of accounts, contacts, appointments, tasks, notes and phone calls. CRM quotes and opportunity summaries are also available in GroupWise

“What customers appreciate most about Riva,” continued Zanoni, “is that the synchronization process is transparent to the end user. Riva extends the value of GroupWise and the CRM because the synchronized information is available from all GroupWise clients: Linux, Macintosh, Windows, GroupWise WebAccess, BlackBerry devices and GroupWise Mobile Server devices. By extending CRM information to all GroupWise clients, customers are “CRM information-connected” all the time. Employees can work in GroupWise or the CRM and not have to copy and paste information from one to the other. A phone number change in the GroupWise address book is updated in the CRM. A task that gets marked as completed on a BlackBerry gets marked as completed in the CRM.”

“What interested us about Omni’s CRM Integration Strategy for GroupWise is the fact that all critical CRM information is available to us whether we are working in GroupWise on Linux, Windows, Macintosh, WebAccess, or our BlackBerry and GroupWise Mobile Server devices,” said Brian Ogden from Switchdesk. “Having CRM information available on our mobile devices without having to install and special software is a tremendous benefit to our sales and management staff. As a Linux shop, we look forward to the next release of Riva so our customers can run Riva Desktop Edition on Linux desktops. Our company believes Riva CRM integration will revolutionize how we and GroupWise customers do business.”

Riva CRM Integration for GroupWise version 1.3 will provide transparent email integration between the CRM and GroupWise. Emails sent from SugarCRM, Microsoft CRM or Salesforce will be available as Sent Items in user’s GroupWise accounts and vice versa.

Riva CRM Integration for GroupWise is part of the larger Riva platform that allows virtually all third-party applications to integrate with GroupWise.

More Information

– For more information about Omni, visit
– Use our Contact Us form to participate in the public beta of Riva CRM Integration for GroupWise
– For more information about Riva GroupWise Collaboration and Integration, visit GroupWise Integration Modules
– Attend a web seminar to learn more about Riva’s third-party collaboration integration strategy for GroupWise

About Omni

Omni, The GroupWise Integration Company, delivers a portfolio of management, security, mobility, messaging and Linux desktop software products for enterprise users of Novell GroupWise, SUSE Linux, and mixed Novell and Microsoft networks.

Media Contact

Aldo Zanoni
CEO and Managing Director
Omni Technology Solutions Inc.
Edmonton, Canada
Phone: +1.780.423.4200
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