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Put Your Company’s Docs on Lock With Micro Focus Filr

Gil Cattelain


March 31, 2016 10:40 am





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Imagine someone in your company writes a highly sensitive document to be seen by only a select number of eyes. This document cannot leak to unintended parties.

There’s just one problem: You have no way of protecting it. Once the document is sent via email, or uploaded into a third-party cloud repository, there is no way of controlling where it goes.

Even scarier is the fact that the document will live on any number of random, hosted third-party cloud servers—as opposed to the safe confines of your own data center. According to a Skyhigh Networks report, 28.1 percent of employees have uploaded files with sensitive data to the cloud. And the average organization shares documents with as many as 849 external domains.

So what can your business do to protect its sensitive information without impeding the flow of information across your network?

You can use Filr, an on-premises file-sharing service offered by Micro Focus.

Filr allows you and your IT staff to set rules regarding which users can share files and who they can share them with, as well as designate certain files to be shared. Plus, these files will live on your own servers, in your own data center. You’ll no longer have to worry about sensitive information being stored on outdated, improperly managed infrastructure located on the other side of the planet (which often happens even when using the services of today’s leading cloud providers).

Your end users will still be able to access critical files from any device or location. The difference is they will be able to access these files securely, and in accordance with the rules established by IT.

Now in version 2.0, Filr offers many exciting features like Files on Demand for fast and easy file provisioning, as well as added support for Citrix XenServer, MariaDB, and the latest operating systems like Windows 10, Mac 10.11 and iOS 9.

To learn more about what you’ll find in Filr Version 2.0, click here.

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  1. By:HKO

    When i click the link for Filr Version 2.0 we get a page from Filr 1.2
    So where is Filr 2.0 information?