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Putting Desktop Management in the Cloud – Novacoast and ZENworks

Gil Cattelain


February 3, 2011 10:05 am





Novacoast had always wanted to offer some type of cloud managed services using any cloud provider (for e.g. Amazon) for ZENworks customers. Additionally, they wanted to have an affordable offering for smaller clients. With earlier versions of ZENworks (before ZENworks Configuration Management), they were not able to cost-effectively offer these types of services.

Then along came ZENworks Configuration Management, with its Primary Server/Satellite server architecture. One of the first things they saw when implementing ZCM was how much simpler the administration was than previous versions – especially when dealing with multiple sites. Setting up a remote site became as simple as a few mouse clicks to promote a device to a Satellite Server and create rules to point workstations to the local Satellite Server to get content. Additionally, they no longer have to create an application object for each site that points to a local file source – ZCM, through its Closest Server Rules, allows them to create a single application object, or Bundle, and the workstation will know where to get its source files from the local resource. An illustrative example of this is one of their larger banking customers in the Northeast. With approximately 140 applications and 110 branches, they were maintaining over 15,000 application objects – with ZCM, they only need one object for each of the 140 applications.

For smaller customers, Novacoast wanted a solution that was cost effective and had high availability. Their smaller customers did not want to incur the expense of multiple servers and system administration. Their cloud-based model has Primary Servers that reside in the cloud and Satellite Servers at the customer location to provide local file sources and system authentication. Novacoast controls the Primary Servers, provides application bundle and imaging creation and maintenance, and performs system maintenance, backups, upgrades, etc. Their smaller customers do not have to provide the capital investment in servers, and do not need additional staff to run their ZCM system. These smaller customers can now enjoy the advantages of desktop management that previously only their larger enterprise clients could afford.

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