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Putting holidays in your Vibe team calendar



February 14, 2013 2:29 pm





We have seen a few questions from Vibe administrators looking for a slick way to make sure everyone in the Vibe group knows about company holidays and other general calendar items. Some even mentioned wanting to show which days are weekends, presumably because in some companies your weekends are not Saturday and Sunday.

Anyway… it’s easy to do, but the result may not be precisely what you hoped for.

To set all the holidays and weekends at the administrator’s console, follow the instructions in this chapter of the documentation.

Once you’ve successfully set up all of the holidays and weekends, don’t expect them to automatically show up on all the team and personal calendars. You’ll have to include the participating teams and groups in the appointment. And then you need to tell your team members that in their personal calendars, they should set the view to show assigned appointments.

Aside from the convenience of team members in remembering to take off President’s Day, this is a vital part of using Vibe for project management, because it helps you calculate task durations that don’t expect the workforce to get anything done on a holiday or weekend day. For example, if you set up a task with a duration of 10 days, it will exclude any holidays or weekend days that are in the calendar, and you’ll see exactly when you can expect the task to be done (two full work weeks, unless you have a holiday in addition to the weekend). It can also be useful when your users are when configuring workflow transitions.

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  1. By:Saleschke

    In the articel:
    “…You’ll have to include the participating teams and groups in the appointment…”

    What appointment do you mean? Is there a predefined Weekend/Holiday-Appointment (accordingly to the configured weekends and holidays in admin console), where i’ll just have to include all teams and groups? Or i have to create an extra calendar with seperate appointments for every Weekend/Holiday and then include the teams and groups?