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Q: Is there a workstation helper refresh tool in ZCM 10?



January 4, 2008 12:05 pm





Q: Romain Petges wrote:

I developed a small NT service named SvcEvents which is also published
on Novell ZENworks Cool Solutions. A new version is currently in
development and I want to manually refresh the “Workstation helper” so
I can deploy immediately workstation associated applications instead
of waiting for the next timed refresh.

For this, I use the ZEN2 WSUTIL.EXE tool which still works with
ZFD6.5. The question is if this tool is still supported by ZENworks 7
and ZCM 10 or if there is another tool to perform a “Workstation
helper” refresh.

The Autorun.exe tool from the ZENworks Virtual CD only works when NAL
is running, thus a logged-in user. I need to do the refresh even when
no user is connected.

Many thanks for a feedback !

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2008.

A: Updated answer.
There’s nothing to refresh the workstation helper specifically. Yes “zac ref” does do a refresh, but it refreshes everything, unless you add a parameter
Command: refresh, ref

This command triggers a refresh of the specified type.

refresh [general | partial | bundle <bundleName>]

To trigger a general refresh:
zac refresh [general]

To trigger a partial refresh:
zac refresh partial

To trigger a refresh for a particular bundle:
zac refresh bundle MyBundle

To Bypass the server cache specify “bypasscache” after the zac ref command.
Example: zac ref bypasscache

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  1. By:jwebb

    The answer given is false because in ZCM10 you could issue a “zac ref” to refresh policies and bundles.

    Jim Webb

    • By:baloise

      Thanks for the information.

      I can’t verify the information so I will include it in the readme file for reference.

      Are you aware of such a command line tool for other version of ZFD (6.5 and 7). I know that WSTOOL works with ZFD 6.5, but maybe there is another way to to this (refreshing Workstation Helper).


  2. By:SThomps

    You can run “zac ref” on the managed device, it will cause the bundle manager to do a refresh for the device

  3. By:kipple

    Does the command line util “zac” give a similar process?

    zac ref

    or zac ref bypasscache?