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Are You Ready For The Next Major Ransomware Attack?

Gil Cattelain


July 17, 2017 4:21 pm





From a cybersecurity perspective, the first half of 2017 was an absolute nightmare. We saw not just one, but three major global ransomware attacks occur in less than seven months.

First, back in May, there was the massive WannaCry ransomware epidemic that spread to over 230,000 global computers across 150 different countries. Then in June, there was the Petya incident which some analysts believe may have impacted as many as 16,500 computers across at least a dozen countries. And just a few weeks later, the NotPetya variant arrived, encrypting global machines and costing the global economy about $850 million.

Fortunately, cybersecurity experts were able to stop the bleeding with these attacks by creating fixes. It’s important to remember, though that all of the above-mentioned forms of ransomware are still out in the wild — and they are constantly evolving. And as long as ransomware remains profitable, hackers will continue to modify their code and use it to hold data for ransom.

This week, for instance, Trend Micro discovered GhostCtrl — an Android remote access Trojan (RAT) that can also double as ransomware and lock a mobile device by resetting its personal identification number (PIN). And a Malwarebtyes detected a new variant of the CryptoMix ransomware that adds an .EXTE extension to encrypted files.

So, what can you do to stay safe from these new types of threats?

You certainly can’t stop hackers from targeting your business.  In fact, it’s possible they may even break into your network. It’s incredibly easy to get infected with ransomware, as it spreads mainly through email attachments and online advertisements.

There are, however, steps you can take to make it harder for hackers to access your data. And this may be all you need to keep your organization safe. Hackers, after all, tend to look for the most vulnerable targets.

Here at Micro Focus, we offer ransomware protection through the following services:

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