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Reduce Costs in Your Enterprise by Using Remote Workers

Gil Cattelain


October 6, 2014 11:03 am






It costs a lot of money to keep workers onsite. This is especially true for large organizations that provide desk space and basic amenities for hundreds or even thousands of workers at a time. For this reason, remote working is a viable alternative to keeping employees in one centralized location.

Consider the fact that allowing just one employee to work remotely just half the time could save your business as much as $11,000 per year. And by decentralizing your office and allowing remote working, you could reallocate your funds into the following areas:

Research and development: This is the lifeblood of any business. If your business is not invested in researching and developing new products and services, you will eventually lose out to your competition. Unfortunately, this critical element often takes a back seat to covering basic operational expenses for onsite workers.

New employees: Downsizing your physical office could generate enough money to invest in new talent for your business. And by offering the ability to work at home, your organization will be even more enticing to new hires.

Marketing: Marketing is a critical element of your operation, as your customers need access to things like Web content and traditional advertising elements. You could invest in exciting marketing vehicles like corporate video, podcasts and webinars with the capital that you save.

Yet another way that remote working generates more revenue for your business is that employees are known to work harder when they are not in the office. In fact, remote workers are about twice as likely to work more than 40 hours in a typical week.

With the right remote working solution, your business can ensure that employees gain safe access to information from any location they choose to work. Your sales staff, for instance, might work from airports, coffee shops and train stations. There are customer site visits to consider, too. Your business needs to know who is accessing digital information, and what device they are using to access it.

Novell ZENworks is one such solution that can help your IT department keep track of its remote workers in real time, thus facilitating a safe, efficient and affordable remote working experience. Your business can control who has access to your business’s digital information, and it can make critical security updates when they are needed.

Learn how Novell, a leading provider of endpoint management solutions, can help your business embrace remote working.

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