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the return of the father


July 16, 2006 11:39 pm

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jedi the idea of doing automated account life-cycle management and synchronization as a novell product was born about 10 years ago in the father’s head. years before dirxml 1.0 shipped as a consulting only release in 2000. long before provisioning and identity management became industry buzz words. a small team, led by the father, worked on a piece of software that one day would explode in the market with the highest revenue growth rate a novell product ever had before.

novell identity manager 3.0.1, the current flag ship release of novell’s identity management product offerings is the fruit of a brilliant vision, an ingenious and solid base architecture and the hard work of a team of some of the industry’s best developers.

the father left novell a couple of years ago and became a well-known and respected analyst in the identity management industry. today, he is returning. my words cannot express how happy i am to welcome him back here at novell. stay tuned…

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  1. By:Grant

    Can we get a newer version of IDM for ZEN? ZEN 7 ships with IDM 2 I believe.

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  2. ZENworks 7 Support Pack 1 includes Novell Identity Manager 3 Bundle Edition.


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  3. [...] In a pair of blog entries, the return of the father and the father, from last July, Volker Scheuber attributes to Nick Nikols, (current VP of PM for the ISM BU,former DirXML engineering manager, former Burton Group analyst) the title of “the father”. There is also a frequent poster on the IDM related support newgroups who posts under the alias “Father Ramon.” [...]

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