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March 22, 2006 6:59 pm





Who has worked with this product? I have, and I love it. If you are a ZENworks administrator, and you are struggling with the idea of giving your Help Desk staff ConsoleOne access for Remote Management capabilities… then your struggle is over. Check these guys out. The product is developed specifically for a ZENworks infrastructure, and addresses remote management features alone. This is exactly what your help desk staff needs. Not to mention… the pricing is great. Visit and assess. I’m sure you’ll be as happy as I’ve been.


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  1. By:Grant

    I glanced at it, but I found for the price of $0 ZEN Workstation Browser is easier to use. A few minor quirks but very usable for the Help Desk.

  2. Hey Grant.

    Workstation Browser is definitley a good option for those not worried about support for the product. It’s a CoolSolution and there is no support if things aren’t working properly. Workstation Aid is supported.

    Just something to keep in mind. I do like the thought of $0.00 enterprise license fee as well… 😉



  3. Hey Grant.

    I understand… I like enterprise site licenses fees that come out to $0.00 too. Just remember that Workstation Browser is not supported. Workstation Aid is, and for a lot of organizations they can only implement software if there is some sort of support agreement behind it.


  4. By:eric

    Use the ZENworkStationBrowser from CoolSolutions.

    It does the same thing; has the same support (none!) and is free…

  5. Actually… they do try to respond to all support related questions within 48 hours so you need to factor this in. I have nothing against ZENWSBrowser, I’ve used both extensively, and have found this to be a better sell in the enterpris.

    Of course the choice is up to you my man!