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January 11, 2008 8:24 am






A Forum reader recently asked:

“One user running the GroupWise client 7.0.1 has lost the ability to seach through his archived e-mails. Any seach criteria entered reponds instantly with ‘nothing found’ – even though the email is clearly in the archive. We ran an archive rebuild, but that proved unsuccessful. The user has thousands of emails in archive that he references often.”

And here are several of the responses …


Tommy Mikkelsen

Try this …

1. On any folder, right-click and select Properties.

2. Select Display/Setting Name.

3. Find the one named “Find Results”.

4. Click Delete and then cancel out. Don’t worry, a new default will be created automatically.

5. Try the search again.

Stephen Hesser

Make sure the archive directory name is 8 characters or fewer. I had this problem, and that was the fix.

Joe Marton

I wonder if the index files are corrupt. Remove all index files (*.idx and *.inc) from the archive directory. The indexes should be rebuilt when you launch the client again, I believe.

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