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Sending Personalized Emails from GroupWise


July 17, 2007 8:53 am





Need to Send Personalized Emails from GroupWise?

Looking for the quickest and easiest way to send personalized emails to multiple recipients from GroupWise? Check out this GWmerge Cool Solution from Omni!

1. Simply create your boilerplate text file. Include personalized fields as follows: “Dear %First%, it was a pleasure to see you at %Conference%.”

2. Export your list of contacts to a CSV file. The data source can be a GroupWise address book, CRM system, Excel spreadsheet, SQL database, student record system, etc.

3. Walk through the GWmerge wizard to link the personalized fields to the appropriate column name in your CSV file.

4. Create your subject line and add attachments if you like. Send yourself a couple of trial emails to confirm the email is formatted exactly the way you want it.

5. No need to re-open the text file to make changes to the email – go ahead and edit the file right in GWmerge.

6. Select one of the send options. You can choose to send the emails from your GroupWise account or, for large mailouts, directly from the GWIA Send directory, thereby eliminating any extra load on your POA and MTA.

7. Presto! Sit back and relax while GWmerge and GroupWise take care of the rest.

GWmerge uses the Windows 32-bit client APIs to connect to the standard GroupWise client. Nothing extra needs to be installed on the servers. All emails are sent out individually, and each email has a single contact listed in the To field. GWmerge is compatible GroupWise 5.x, 6.x and 7.x running on Novell OES, NetWare, SLES or Microsoft Windows. You can use a generic GroupWise account like or, or license your personal account.

Customers tell us that the small investment quickly pays for itself many times over. We certainly don’t encourage using GWmerge to send spam, but sales and marketing staff need tools that leverage GroupWise to meet their companies’ newsletter and opt-in email list needs more efficiently.

Contact Omni

Interested in learning more about GWmerge? Contact Omni at, give us a call at +1 780.423.4200 or go to: to learn more about our GroupWise, NetMail, eDirectory, NetWare and SUSE Linux solutions.

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