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Setting a Filter on Notify Messages


January 29, 2009 2:56 pm





I recently started using the GroupWise 8 client. It has many new features incorporated. One good feature that I like is filtering the notification messages. “Notify” is an option provided in GroupWise to alert the user when a new mail comes in, or if it’s time for an appointment set in the calendar of GroupWise, etc.

When the “Notify” option is set, upon every check made for new items, a notification dialog pops up alerting if any new mail is there. Similarly, if an appointment is set in the calendar of GroupWise, it will alert the user depending on preferences for alerts, like 5 minutes before the time of appointment, etc.

Here I am going to show you how to filter the “Notify” messages to limit only for a few items as required by the end user. I want to show an alert when mail is received from an email with the id “”

Step 1: Create a folder called “NotifyMe” by right clicking your “HOME” and select “New Folder”

Step 2: Create a rule: From the menu Tools->Rules->Click “New”

Add a rule named “filternotify”. Select the check box When Event is: “Received” and Item Type is: “Mail”. Click the button “Define conditions”.

In the new dialog, select “From” from the dropdown combobox. Enter the email id “” in the text box and click “Ok”

Click the button “Add Action” and select “Move to folder”. From the new dialog, select the folder name check box and click “Move” as shown below.

Step 3: Start “Notify”

From Windows XP “Start”, Go to “All Programs”->Novell GroupWise->Notify

A tray icon will be added as shown in below image.

Step 4: Right click the tray icon and select “Options”

Step 5: In the “General” Tab, select only the folder you want to have notifications. In our case it is “NotifyMe”

Then click “Apply” and then “OK”

That’s all. Now it will show notification messages only if a mail comes from “”.

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