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Showing value with ZENworks – part deux


March 30, 2008 1:50 pm

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One of the lines of defense we will be exploring for keeping competitors out is money. Specifically, the cost of changing over from ZENworks to another solution.

The new solution is going to take money out of your budget in multiple ways, some obvious, some not.

You’ll face an initial outlay for

Software upgrade protection

The consultancy bill could be extremely large as you will need to

a) Move to a new image forma
b) Move to the a application distribution model
c) Move to a new reporting mechanism

to cover but a few points.

And not forgetting, install, configure, deploy and troubleshoot the new solution.

Each year you will most likely want to renew the software upgrade protection and support contracts. I’d also add in a reserve for additional training and consultancy work.

Overall this is a large sum of money that will be coming out of the I.T budget which could be better spent elsewhere.

So here’s the question that the competition have to answer; How will their solution return that money back to your budget in a tangible way compared to staying with ZENworks?

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  1. By:drsyncenstein

    Lower costs won’t help when other solutions are seen as cheaper in labor costs, or as the market leader.
    The time needed to invest in imaging with zfd\zcm, when you need to create new images often, could be seen as one point that balances the migration costs.
    Since zcm is fundamentally different than zfd, the migration argument can backfire.
    In both cases you would need to change to a different application packaging format and your competitors can convert nal packages too.
    Competitors products have more visibility in the market and will probably claim that their products are easier to integrate and support, which will save money in the longer term.
    What are your plans for application virtualization and will you deliver on that? Competitors deliver now.
    All in all you need to polish zcm some more and go into attack mode. This kind of defense will only slowly erode your remaining customer base in my opinion.

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  2. By:jerryflower

    Yes, it is a basic theorem in Economics that Lower costs won’t help when other solutions are seen as cheaper in labor costs and it is so economically.

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