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Significant Product Updates Released Today For Novell File Management Suite



February 23, 2011 11:08 am





Today Novell released new updates to two of the three products comprising the Novell File Management Suite: Novell Storage Manager 3.0.1 and Novell Dynamic File Services 1.6. Both product updates include significant feature enhancements that you’ll want to utilize right away.

Novell Storage Manager 3.0.1

Feature enhancements include:

  • Cross-Empire Data Migration for Active Directory networks
  • Microsoft DFS namespace support for Active Directory networks
  • Action Objects for eDirectory networks
  • Copy Policy Data for Active Directory and eDirectory networks
  • Export Policy for Active Directory and eDirectory networks
  • Bug fixes

Cross-Empire Data Migration: A new subsystem built within Novell Storage Manager that allows for the movement of file system data between storage infrastructures on different platforms governed by different identity and security frameworks. While Cross-Empire Data Migration architecture is engineered to eventually support multiple types of source platforms and targets, this release is limited to a Novell eDirectory source environment and a Microsoft Active Directory target environment.

You can perform the following types of data copying:

  • User to User
  • Folder to User
  • Group to Group
  • Folder to Group
  • Folder to Folder

Microsoft DFS Namespace Support: Distributed File System (DFS) namespace technology helps Microsoft network administrators group shared folders located on different servers and presents them to users as a virtual tree of folders known as a namespace. Novell Storage Manager now presents these namespaces as available storage resources in the Storage Resource List.

Action Objects: To enable the automation of very distinct storage actions outside of what is practical with Novell Storage Manager policies, Novell Storage Manager 3.0.1 for eDirectory includes new Action Objects APIs. Action Objects enable specific actions in coordination with other applications that manage through eDirectory or LDAP. One such example is Novell Identity Manager.

Copy Policy Data: Allows you to copy all or a portion of the policy settings of one policy into another policy.

Export Policy: Provides the ability to export policies so that they can be imported later.

Import Policy: Provides the ability to import policies that were previously exported.

Bug Fixes: Detailed in the Novell Storage Manager 3.0.1 Release Notes at:

Novell Dynamic File Services 1.6:

Feature enhancements include:

  • Identity-based file tiering policies
  • eMail Notification of NDFS events
  • Auditing configuration
  • Ability to run in a Microsoft workgroup

Identity-based Tiering Policies: Policy rules can be created based on file owners.

eMail Notification of NDFS Events: Configuration options allow you to specify who is emailed when selected NDFS events take place. The events include Pair, Policy, and Move events.

Auditing Configuration: A new auditing configuration page lets you specify what events are audited.

Ability to Run in a Microsoft Workgroup: In addition to running in a Microsoft domain, you can now run Novell Dynamic File Services in a Microsoft Workgroup.

More Information:

To read more about each of the product enhancements, visit the Novell File Management documentation page at:

To download the latest versions, visit Novell Downloads at:

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