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Sneak Peek of Filr’s Revamped Web Client



March 1, 2019 3:22 pm





Filr is all set to get more leaner, meaner, and beautiful!

Leaner and meaner as we are upgrading and optimizing almost all of Filr’s framework including Operating System, Web servers, Search engine, Database…

Beautiful, as we are revamping the Filr Web Client!

Why are we doing so?

As you may know – Filr has been a fantastic product which offers true enterprise sync and share which can help modernize all of your existing storage without needing to move the data and take security risks.

Based on the changing times where enterprise users are demanding easy to use products from IT – we decided to revamp the web client in the upcoming release of Filr (version 4.0).

The work for this started around ten months back and this is how it unfolded:

  1. We decided to bring in specialists (not developers) to design the new user interface
  2. We employed the services of the usability team who specialize in designing user interfacing keeping user’s experience in mind
  3. The usability team interviewed tons of Filr users from different industries, regions, roles, and use cases to understand the current needs and pains
  4. Then they came up with the draft design screens
  5. The draft designs were passed on to beta testers for feedback based on which the designs were refined
  6. Developers started building the new client using the refined design
  7. The interface was refined further based on feedback from our testers

Here are screenshots of some of the portions of new web client:  

Want to see more and see the new intuitive web client in action?

Join us on March 13th for a webinar wherein we will show you more.

To register – click here.

If you are not able to make the webinar, you can still register so that we can share the recording of the webinar.

Looking forward to help in making file access, sync, share, and collaboration even more easy and secure for your enterprise!


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  1. By:mattjones

    Really looking forward to this. I’m excited to here how much thought and effort has gone into the design.

    Are we going to be getting new mobile clients too?