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April 30, 2006 2:17 pm





Some light relief from the ongoing debate on management consoles – a real blast from the past – from the days of SYSCON.

Here is SNIPES. It’s fifteen years old this year.

You can download your own copy of SNIPES from Novell – it’s part of the NetWare Lite 1.1 update. Now doesn’t that make you feel warm, fuzzy and old.. Just download and run the NLSNIPES.EXE binary. 18k of DOS goodness.


Written at: Draper, UT.

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  1. Was it NetWare Lite that was a peer to peer type of setup? Didn’t it also come with a cool vector based space shooting game? Space Wars or something like that. If memory serves me, it was similar to the arcade version of Star Wars, except network play. Wait, I think it was Personal NetWare!

  2. Personal NetWare and NetWare Lite were pretty much the same thing – peer-to-peer networking.

    I wasn’t at Novell in those days – but from outside it looked like an attempt to compete with the Microsoft Windows 3.11 (Windows for Workgroups) and Lantastic products.

    I’m sure there are some un-opened copies of NetWare Lite lurking around in Provo still – unopened and in mint condition. Email me your best console designs (see previous posts) and I’ll see if I can send one out.

    As for the game – it was Netwars. [In truth is stranger than fiction – Caldera, now SCO, released an updated version of Netwars in the mid 1990s.]

  3. By:Flyingguy


    Heck ya and I still have a copy! A very cool game, but you have to have an IPX stack if you want to play it!

    If I remember correctly, you could have upto 4 players at once, it could not cross IPX segments ( everyone had to be on the same segment) and it was *really* fast.

    Nice blast from the past.

  4. By:At Nel

    Martin, we used a Novell network at school many years ago in South Africa. We used to play network snipes all the time. I would very much like to create a setup where we could play this game again on a network.

    The thing is I only have access to PCs running Windows. I’m familiar with VMWare too so perhaps that’s the way to go. What would be required to get this set up in a Windows environment? Any pointers appreciated – I could research further and give feedback here.

  5. I’m sure it runs in a DOS Window on Windows.. might need IPX though..

  6. By:At Nel

    From the documentation and through some experimentation it seems like Snipes actually uses a shared file for communicating player data between nodes. All players create a mapped drive and execute the same EXE. It works independently of the implementation to share the drive so IPX not required. Still have a few quirks to get it working properly though – got a few unexpected crashes and frame drops.