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Solution for Problem Opening URLs in Novell Messenger


August 2, 2011 2:43 pm

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Problem: When clicking on URLs in Novell Messenger, a user gets the following message:

Observation: User had installed Wyzo Media Browser. Opened the URL link from Novell Messenger. The URL is getting opened in Wyzo Media Browser. Uninstalled Wyzo Media Browser. Clicked on the URL link in Novell Messenger. User will notice the above error.

When the Wyzo Media Browser was installed, it had overwritten most of the default entries with Wyzo and also the browser paths were replaced with Wyzo path in the Windows Registry. Uninstall of Wyzo application from Add Remove Programs has uninstalled the application, but many registry entries remained as is and was causing the problem.

Caution: The only solution to this problem is to remove the appropriate registry entries where applicable. Please be very careful while deleting or editing the registry entries since a simple mistake can cause serious problems to the operating system.

Solution: Goto Start > Run > regedit and search for wyzo

In the above screen, you can observe that the value for Default is set as WyzoHTML. Where ever you notice Default value data as WyzoHTML / Wyzo, clear the same. Keep searching by pressing F3 and clear the value. At times, you will see the following screen.

In this screen, edit the Value Data with your preferred browser. E.g: If the preferred browser is IE, it can be entered as C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe. Where ever you find the similar entries, replace it with your preferred browser path.

You can also see the following screen during the search.

Here, replace the Value data with your preferred browser as done for the previous screen. Not to worry about the value data displayed. E.g: If the preferred browser is IE, it can be entered as C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe”. Repeat the search and replace with preferred value data. Further search will take you to the screen below:

Delete both the entries by right clicking on the entry > Delete. You will still notice more entries like the above in the search.

Continue the deletion, or emptying the value data, or updating the value data according to the requirement till the search completes. Ensure there are no Wyzo entries left out in the registry.

Once the registry clean is done try to open the URL again in Novell Messenger. It now opens the URL in the browser you specified.

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