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Solving Error -99 in iManager when Creating a Pool on NCS


December 26, 2007 6:44 pm






I was recently trying to create a new pool on a NCS cluster node, but it ended up with a -99 error in iManager.

I also noticed in the /var/log/messages some complaints from novell-ncs not being able to connect to the LDAP server. I took me some time to track everything to this configuration file: /var/opt/novell/ncs/clstrlib.conf

That file stores the LDAP server IP address and the username and password to connect to that server. This information was provided during installation of NCS, but mysteriously was erased from the config file. Because the password is encrypted, there’s no way of adding the option manually.


So I used YaST to reconfigure NCS. YaST was complaining that NCS was already installed, but I forced it to continue. After providing all the information (including the LDAP server, username and password), it tried to create the NCS objects in eDirectory. Of course, YaST ended up complaining about not being able to finish the configuration, as the objects already exist in eDirectory

But the magic was done: the clstrlib.conf file now got the username and password. After restarting the server, I was finally able to create my new pools.

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  1. By:jtvdr

    Having the same error using OES-1-SP2, I ran across this post. I found on our systems the file was at /etc/opt/novell/ncs/clstrlib.conf

    The name of the file was very useful though, since searching on it in Novell’s knowledge base got me this:
    How to recreate clstrlib.conf file for Novell Cluster Services

    Thanks to the original poster for providing the key detail to enable me to find that TID.