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Solving Error: NDMP Error NDMP_NO_DEVICE_ERR (16)…


December 14, 2007 9:10 am





by Jack Shreve


Backup using BackupExec is failing with this NDMP error message:

"Job completed: With ERROR - NDMP Error 
NDMP_NO_DEVICE_ERR (16). Unable to open target media 
device. The device may be unavailable or it may not be 

-Unloading and restarting BackupExec does not fix it.
-A server reboot is not practical at this time.
-A backup is needed soon, and cannot wait for troubleshooting.


First, you need to unload BE:

At the server console, go to the Backup Exec Administration console, issue a CTRL+X and say Yes. Then type BESTOP (BESTOPC if this is a clustered resource). Next type “M BE*” to see if any modules did not unload; in my experience, BECDM.NLM does not unload – manually unload that.

Now, unload the SCSI drivers that run the tape drive. If you do not know which ones they are, load EDIT, press INS key, and browse to C:\NWSERVER\STARTUP.NCF and look for the HAM driver command. Note the slot number.

MAKE SURE THIS HAM DRIVER DOES NOT ALSO RUN YOUR DISK STORAGE. NetWare usually will not unload drivers if there is active storage devices attached without warning you, but be careful.

Unload these drivers. Example: “UNLOAD AHA2940”. If you are warned there are active devices, rethink and recheck what drivers you are unloading.

Now, load them – Example: “LOAD AHA2940” You needn’t specify a slot number – it should provide you with choices, and the default one has always been correct in my experience, but check it against what you noted earlier.

Once they are loaded, you can issue the BESTOP or BESTOPC command, and run your backup. This has worked consistently for me.

Of course, this is NOT a solution – just a temporary workaround to get you through. It may continue to work for months, or it may only last for one backup.

Work to resolve the issue through hardware issue or driver issue troubleshooting.


NetWare 6.x, clustered or standalone.
BackupExec 9.x.
Adaptec AHAxxxx drivers.

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