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Steve Fiddles While Redmond Burns


January 21, 2009 10:49 am





If this video about Microsoft Songsmith is any indication of the complete lack of focus in Redmond these days, then it’s truly time to cash out of MSFT and invest in a Linux company, though it might be too late already…

Not only is the whole proposition of having a crappy-yet-snappy soundtrack to back up your out-of-tune vocal noodling ridiculous, but the WHOLE 4m 17s advertisement could be summed up by:

You can’t sing and we can’t program, we’re a match!

Seriously, don’t eat before you watch this, and if you’re in the habit of pulling the cubemates over to show them something to gross them out, this is your meat for today.

Oh, and why does that APPLE MACBOOK PRO in the advertisement have all those kitchy yet strategically-placed stickers all over it? To hide the Apple logo, one can only surmise.

Here it is:
Microsoft Songsmith Youtube Link



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