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storelowercase SNAFU


May 3, 2006 12:58 pm





We just found that the storelowercase GWCheck option (for moving GW from Windows or Netware to Linux) is fundamentally broken and can result is most of the contents of OFFILES getting deleted.  So, don’t use it at the moment – we have a fix coming out very shortly.  In the meantime you will have to use the dbcopy -m option to do the case checking on migrations.

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  1. By:Gert

    is the option documented on the site ?


  2. By:Alex Evans

    Gooie Dag Gert. The option is documented in the docs. There does seem to be a lack of TIDs regarding the option, however, I think that this is because we pulled them all when we found the problem. We will rerelease the TIDs when the fix is available. New 6.5 agent FTFs should be on the web tonight and we hope to get a new GWCheck out too.

  3. By:Tim

    Hey Alex,

    I see that the latest FTF for 6.5 has the fix but there is no news on the GW7 side of life.. Is this just a GW65 problem or is the fix for GW7 being checked into the SP1 code base?


  4. By:Alex Evans

    Hi Tim – yes the fix is in GW7 SP1, however, we are not expecting to have a public beta refresh of SP1. That means that most people won’t see the fix until SP1 ships.

  5. By:Michael

    Hi Alex,

    We are caught inbetween two worlds without this update, how does one go about getting it before SP1 release?


  6. By:Alex Evans

    It is possible to open a support request and request the build containing the fix. Other than that we should be releasing the full SP1 soon

  7. By:Bob Jonkman

    Hi: Was this actualy fixed in GW7 SP1 and GW6.5 post-SP6?


  8. By:Alex Evans

    It sure was